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DNS Interview Questions and Answers

What is the use of Domain Name System?
  • Domain Name Systems are used to help users in finding the location of the web page over the internet.
  • It provides a unique address that is in the form of strings of numbers and it uniquely identifies a web page.
  • The address that is being used called as IP address and IP is the protocol used to transfer the information over the network.
  • Domain Name systems makes it easy for the user to remember the name and access the web pages easily.
  • DNS is an alternate way to provide easy to remember IP addresses and use them to access the web-services easily.
Can you explain what are the main function of domain names?
  • Domain names provide an easy way to recognize and memorize the names using the numerically addressed Internet resources.
  • It is used to address the Internet resources placed on internet or it provides and abstraction that allows the resources to be moved from one place to another in hierarchy.
  • It provides a way to move the resources in a topological form and provide the translation to be done using the IP addresses and domain names.
  • Domain names provide a way to the registrants to refer to the domain owners for their registration of the domain and have the ownership of it.
What are the factors involved in guiding the panelists' decisions?
  • Panelists are very important people that take the decision on the cases and on the basis of criteria come up with the resolution.
  • The UDRP policy is being contained and using the practical examples the disputes can be solved.
  • The criteria required are as follows:
  • The domain is identical to another domain or it is not clear for the trademark option or the service mark with which the complaint has been registered.
  • The respondent of the domain has the rights to have the domain name and for that the offering of goods and services being provided to the respondents with the same name.
  • The domain was registered and used in bad faith by other people or company or organization.
Explain what are the results of the procedures followed by UDRP?
  • The result of the procedure follows the domain name to either transfer or the complaint is being denied.
  • During the denying of the complaint the respondent is allowed to keep the domain name and can cancel the domain name.
  • No monetary damage is being done on the basis of domain name disputes and no provision of injunctive relief is being provided.
  • Domain name registrars provide a way to implement the decision in a duration of their time with their appeal in the court.
  • The panel that will sit for the decisions will be of accredited registrars who will take the decisions on the basis of disputes.
What are the steps involved in registering the domain?
  • To register the domains the registering of the entry into the directory is being placed where the domain names can be registered according to the computers.
  • Domain names are used to provide a way to access the web pages and they end with .aero, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .museum, .name, .net, .org, or .pro.
  • The domain names can be registered using different registrars or companies that deal in registration process.
  • The domain gets registered by providing the information given in the registration process and a record is being maintained for the same.
  • The technical information being provided to the registrars get stored to a central directory known as registry.
  • The registry gives all the information on different computers that are connected to the Internet and accessing the web site.
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