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Database Testing Interview Questions and Answers

What is Database testing?

Database testing involves testing the behavior of the database when the application is being tested. This may involve testing to see if values are being inserted properly, flags are changing appropriately, validity of data, to ensure if data integrity is maintained. It may also account for performance related to the database. SQL queries can be fired in the database to check if the expected results are achieved.

What are the normal check required during database testing?

There are some basic check required during database testing. Some of most common are:

  • Checking for the Constraint
  • Checking for the Field size
  • Checking for the various Validation applied to any fields
  • Checking for the Stored procedure if any used
Explain the types of Object Repositories in QTP.

QTP supports two types of Object Repository files:

  1. Shared Repository: The complete application utilizes one Object Repository, which is similar to Global GUI Map file in WinRunner.
  2. Action Repository: One Object Repository is created for each action, which is similar to GUI map file per test in WinRunner.
What RDBMS stands for and what are the important RDMBS that SQL use?

RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management Systems that use SQL, and the important RDBMS that SQL uses are Sybase, Oracle, Access ,Ingres, Microsoft SQL server etc.

What are ways of writing test cases for database testing?

The following are the ways to write the test cases for database testing:

  1. Understand the functional requirement of the application
  2. Find out the tables used, joins used between tables, cursors used, triggers used, stored procedures used, input parameters used and output parameters used.
  3. Write the test case with multiple input values for checking all paths.
    Writing test cases for back end testing, one should use white box testing as opposed to functional testing.
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