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Data Stage Interview Questions and Answers

Explain how a source file is populated?

We can populate a source file in many ways such as by creating a SQL query in Oracle, or by using row generator extract tool etc.

What types of Jobs you developed?
  • Server Job
  • Parallel Job
  • Sequencer Job
  • Container Job
Define Job control?

Job control can be best performed by using Job Control Language (JCL). This tool is used to execute multiple jobs simultaneously, without using any kind of loop.

What are the differences between Datastage and Informatica?
  • Data stage supports parallel processing
  • Links are treated as objects in Data Stage
  • Links are port to port connectivity in Informatica
  • The implementation of Slowly Changing Dimensions is easy in Informatica which are complex in Data Stage
  • Complete error handling is not supported by informatica, which is supported Datastage.
Name the command line functions to import and export the DS jobs?

To import the DS jobs, dsimport.exe is used and to export the DS jobs, dsexport.exe is used.

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