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ColdFusion Interview Questions and Answers

What is ColdFusion?
  • ColdFusion is a programming language.
  • It is based on HTML standard and used for writing dynamic web pages.
  • Content database can be built with Cold fusion using various input templates.
  • These input templates are combined with application programs for creating web sites
  • ColdFusion has application server and a framework which are the tremendous support for developing software products.
Difference between Cold fusion MX 6 and Cold fusion MX 7?

Windows authentication introduced thorough "cfntauthenticate" tag
cfcompile utility introduced which used for Sourceless deployment
Administrator API: Change ColdFusion settings programmatically, without logging into the CF Administrator.
Gateways: SMS, IM (based on Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) gateways introduced
Flash forms , Skinnable XML forms introduced
New report builder introduced

What is WDDX? Where all are applicable?
  • XML should be agreed by both sender and receiver applications
  • To do so, the XML files should be well formed
  • WDDX is a contribution to XML community from Macromedia.
  • An open source XML DTD to define generic data types like strings, arrays, record sets
  • WDDX is an XMLanguage which defines data as raw data itself
  • Data sharing is possible with WDDX via XML quickly and painless
Compare Cold fusion with other programming languages?

For every language has its pros and cons. Q5 is answer for this also, But I will point out one or 2 advantages of CF over other languages.
vs PHP : Ajax features, Integration with adobe products, community support, J2EE
vs Java : Easy to learn, Code developmet & maintence cost
vs .NET : All OS, Most of webserver Support

What are the advantages of Coldfusion?
  • The migration and installation is simple
  • Cross platform support – All OS supports ColdFusion
  • Supports all databases
  • Easy learning curve and faster development
  • Supports all types of protocols
  • Supports integrating other Adobe products such as Flex, Flash, PDF
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