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Cognos Interview Questions and Answers

What is called Cognos Reporting tool?

Cognos is an IBM reporting tool which is used for reporting and analysis of various data from different datawarehouse.

What is the enterprise class platform architecture of Cognos 8?

Cognos is used as a business intelligence platform made by IBM. It consists of all the capabilities that is being provided like view, create, manage, analysis, events. These functionalities are accessed from web interface. It provides a convenient way to manage the business that uses the business related applications to promote the centralized administration that is web-based. It is used to show a complete set of activities to solve the issues related to business practices. The platform of Cognos 8 is built on Service-Oriented-architecture (SOA) and it provides features like scalability, availability and maintainability. It consists of three server tiers and they are named as:

  • Web tier
  • Application tier
  • Data tier
Is it possible to join multiple Databases in a Catalog?

No, it is not possible to join multiple databases in a catalog and it can be achieved by Hotfile.

What is the function of Model Design Accelerator?

Model design accelerator consists of the layers used to implement the filters and the calculations that are related to business logic. It is a methodology that allows applying the logic to the different layers. It provides a layer that acts as insulation between the report and the logic that is defined to display the report. The reports that are generated using the model logic and then fed into model design accelerator. This allows keeping the data and managing it from a single place. If any data source changes then it becomes easier to remap the view of the data source using the physical view without changing anything in the report. The report query object will consists of items that allow the layer to be given as easy to use and friendly for all the people using it. It allows the design accelerator to increase the performance and less delay is produced.

What is Report item?

Report item is defined as a query item which can be dragged and dropped into a work area.

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