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CICS Interview Questions and Answers

Why do we need Integrated CICS translator?

To handle both native Cobol and embedded CICS statements in the Source Program.

The COBOL compiler works with the Integrated CICS translator When we use it Fromcompiler option.

When the compiler face CICS statements in the source program, it interfaces
with the integrated CICS translator.

Then translator takes actions on the CICS statements and then back to the compiler, show what native language statements to generate.

There is no restrictions in Integrated Translator as compared to Separate Translator .

What is CICS ?

CICS basically stands for Customer Information Control System and happens to be software that monitors telecommunications from IBM. The mainframe operating systems of IBM are time-sharing and batch.

What is known as exceptional condition?
  • Exceptional condition is an abnormal situation during the execution of CICS.
  • Handle Condition Command : The exceptional condition can be handled by transferring the control to the procedure label that exclusively handles the exception.
  • Ignore Condition Command: Causes no action to be taken when the condition occurs. The control will returns to the next statement for execution.
  • No Handle Option: causes any action to be taken for any exception that occurs.
  • RESP Option: CICS places a response code after completion of the command. The program can test the code and follows the next process.
How ENQ and DEQ used in CICS?

ENQ and DEQ are parts of task control commands that are used in making a resource serially recyclable.

What is MDT?

MDT stands for MDT Modified Data Tag.

Preserves only one bit of attribute character.

It has two types of value i.e 0 and 1.

If it is 0 then it is off i.e terminal operator has not modify this field.

If it is 1 then it is on i.e terminal operator has modify this field.

If MDT is 1 then data of the field be sent from terminal end to host computer.

It helps in improving data traffic over communication line.

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