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Automation Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Why Automation testing?
  • Automation testing improves efficiency of testing.
  • Reduced testing efforts and costs.
  • Testing can be replicated across different platforms.
  • Gives accurate results.
  • Usually used for large applications with stringent deadlines.
When will you automate a test?

Automation in preferred in following cases

  • Repetitive Tasks
  • Smoke and Sanity Tests
  • Test with multiple data set
  • Regression test cases
Explain load testing on websites.

To access a website, a user sends a “request” to that website’s server, and the server sends back a response in the form of the website you want to access. To load test a website, quality assurance engineers and automation engineers just need to multiply the number of responses sent to simulate different traffic loads. The web server’s response to the influx of virtual users can then be measured. This is used to determine performance issues and server capacity.

What are the features and benefits of Quick Test Pro(QTP)?

The following are the features and benefits of Quick Test Pro:

  1. It is a key word driven testing
  2. It is suitable for web based application for both client and server
  3. It has better error handling mechanism
  4. Data driven testing features are excellent
  5. It has record and play feature
  6. The screen shots can be recorded
  7. Run time data table can be used for persisting values
When you will not automate testing?

One should not automate in following cases

  • When the Application Under Test changes frequently
  • One time test cases
  • Adhoc – Random testing
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