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Aix Interview Questions and Answers

Give the brief about AIX.
  • AIX is the IBM product.
  • It is the multi user Operating System.
  • AIX control these hardware devices and to share them between multiple users, for this purpose it uses the AIX Kernel System.
  • AIX OS servers are the IBM servers used in all over the world.
  • Kernel is loaded during the system startup.
  • Kernel is the heart of the AIX OS.
  • Kernel controls the various processes and tasks.
What is System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)?

SMIT is the System Management Interface Tool for AIX. It allows a user to navigate a menu hierarchy of commands, rather than using the command line. Invocation is typically achieved with the command smit. Experienced system administrators make use of the F6 function key which generates the command line that SMIT will invoke to complete the proposed task. SMIT also generates a log of commands that are performed in the smit.script file. The smit.script file automatically records the commands with the command flags and parameters used. The smit.script file can be used as an executable shell script to rerun system configuration tasks. SMIT also creates the smit.log file, which contains additional detailed information that can be used by programmers in extending the SMIT system.

Explain the login process to the AIX system.
  • AIX is a multi-user system
  • When the user login he needs to provide the user name and password for authentication purposes.
  • After the successful login, AIX starts the SHELL program.
What is server message block file system(SMBFS) in AIX?

Server Message Block File system (SMBFS) allows access to shares on SMB servers as local file systems on AIX. In this file system, the user can create, delete, read, write, and modify the access times of files and directories. The owner or access mode of files and directories cannot be changed.

Explain the SHELL program.
  • As the user login to the AIX server, the AIX starts the SHELL program.
  • The SHELL is a command interpreter.
  • It takes the inputs from the users and executes it.
  • SHELL is not only the command interpreter it also provide great flexibility to the user.
  • SHELL not only read and execute the commands it also read the files written in the form of programs and executes them, these shell program files are known as SHELL scripts. The extension of SHELL script is .sh.
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