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Abinitio Interview Questions and Answers

We know rollup component in Abinitio is used to summarize group of data record then why do we use aggregation?
  • Aggregation and Rollup, both are used to summarize the data.
  • Rollup is much better and convenient to use.
  • Rollup can perform some additional functionality, like input filtering and output filtering of records.
  • Aggregate does not display the intermediate results in main memory, where as Rollup can.
  • Analyzing a particular summarization is much simpler compared to Aggregations.
Mention what is Abinitio?

“Abinitio” is a latin word meaning “from the beginning.” Abinitio is a tool used to extract, transform and load data. It is also used for data analysis, data manipulation, batch processing, and graphical user interface based parallel processing.

What are the operations that support avoiding duplicate record?

Duplicate records can be avoided by using the following:

  • Using Dedup sort
  • Performing aggregation
  • Utilizing the Rollup component
Mention what is Rollup Component?

Roll-up component enables the users to group the records on certain field values. It is a multiple stage function and consists initialize 2 and Rollup 3.

What kind of layouts does Abinitio support?
  • Abinitio supports serial and parallel layouts.
  • A graph layout supports both serial and parallel layouts at a time.
  • The parallel layout depends on the degree of the data parallelism
  • A multi-file system is a 4-way parallel system
  • A component in a graph system can run 4-way parallel system.
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