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40 Hrs Weekdays Morning-Batch INR 14999

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40 Hrs Weekdays Evening-Batch INR 14999

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About Course

This course is designed for those professionals who are using Microsoft Visual Studio platform to develop web applications and looking to learn advanced web application development using ASP.NET framework with MVC. This course will help individual to create web application that separate the user interface, data access, and application logic.
The best suited audience for this course can be –

Software Developers
Web Developers
Web Designers
Project Leaders
This course is designed to help students in learning how to design and develop web applications using .NET Framework with MVC. The total focus of the curriculum will be on coding activities that enhance the performance and scalability of the any web application. In this course the students will get insight understanding of different technologies and method used by ASP.NET MVC platform to meet the global business trends in any web application.
After completing this course you will be able:

To design and develop a web application using .NET framework with MVC
To implements business logic using Model.
To understand how Controller works and its use for updating Models.
To create Views in an MVC application that can interact with Models and Controllers.
To configure, run, debug and troubleshoot a web application in Microsoft Visual Studio.
To implement a consistent look and feel for an entire MVC web application.
To learn how to build an MVC application that resists malicious attacks and persists information about users and preferences.
To understand how to package and deploy an ASP.NET MVC 4 web application from a development computer to a web server.
To attend this course the candidate must have the knowledge about designing and development of web-based applications using .NET Framework. Candidates having experience or familiarity with the C# language will get a better chance to understand the ASP.NET concept in a quick way.



  • 1.1 Plan the application layers
  • 1.2 Design a distributed application
  • 1.3 Design and implement the Azure role life cycle
  • 1.4 Configure state management
  • 1.5 Design a caching strategy
  • 1.6 Design and implement a WebSocket strategy
  • 1.7 Design HTTP modules and handlers
  • 2.1 Apply the user interface design for a web application
  • 2.2 Design and implement UI behavior
  • 2.3 Compose the UI layout of an application
  • 2.4 Enhance application behavior and style based on browser feature detection
  • 2.5 Plan an adaptive UI layout
  • 3.1 Plan for search engine optimization and accessibility
  • 3.2 Plan and implement globalization and localization
  • 3.3 Design and implement MVC controllers and actions
  • 3.4 Design and implement routes
  • 3.5 Control application behavior by using MVC extensibility points
  • 3.6 Reduce network bandwidth
  • 4.1 Prevent and troubleshoot runtime issues
  • 4.2 Design an exception handling strategy
  • 4.3 Test a web application
  • 4.4 Debug an Azure application
  • 5.1 Configure authentication
  • 5.2 Configure and apply authorization
  • 5.3 Design and implement claims-based authentication across federated identity stores
  • 5.4 Manage data integrity
  • 5.5 Implement a secure site with ASP.NET

Exam & Certification

The exam Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications is designed and maintained by Microsoft for validating any individuals ability to accomplish various technical tasks on an ASP.NET platform. Some of these tasks are –

Applying action selectors
Working with layouts
Employing HTML helpers
Displaying and validating model properties
Generating database objects with Entity Framework
Adding transactions
Authenticating users
Unit testing
Exam Name:- Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
Exam Code:- 70-486
Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)
Technology: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET MVC 5.1
Credit towards certification: MCP, MCSD
Question type: Multiple Choice Questions
Number of Question: 50
Passing Score: 70%
Exam Timing: 120 Minutes

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The fastest growing training company in the world.

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T. +91-90691 39140
T. +1-717 889 7087



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