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About Course

This course can be beneficial for anyone such as students, freshers or professionals who are looking to make a career in Ruby on Rails and interested in building web applications using RoR framework.
This course will teach you, how to develop a highly scalable and object oriented application using Ruby on Rails. In this course you will learn how to design and develop any kind of database driven dynamic application that can meet the global trends in market. This course will cover the core-concept of Ruby on Rails such as Action View, Action Controller, Active Record and complete MVC architecture.
After completing this course you will be able to -

Develop application using Ruby object-oriented programming language
Understand the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture
Handle data using database access library - Active Record
Manage session and validation in a RoR application
Work with URLs to make the application SEO friendly
Use Error Handling techniques to debug the application
As such there is no formal prerequisite to join this course but it is good to have a basic knowledge of web technology, internet, HTML and database. A prior knowledge of any OOPs based programming language can be an additional advantage.


Ruby on Rails

  • 1.1 What is Ruby
  • 1.2 Fundamentals of MVC Pattern
  • 1.3 Structure of a RoR project
  • 1.4 How the framework works
  • 1.5 Rails vs. other technologies
  • 1.6 Setting the development environment
  • 2.1 IRB
  • 2.2 Variables, Attributes, Constants
  • 2.3 Naming conventions
  • 2.4 Control structures, Loops
  • 2.5 Methods
  • 2.6 The nil object
  • 2.7 Arrays
  • 2.8 Iterators
  • 2.9 String class
  • 2.10 File class
  • 2.11 Exceptions
  • 3.1 Automated mapping
  • 3.2 Validation
  • 3.3 Associations
  • 3.4 Callbacks
  • 4.1 URL routing
  • 4.2 Filters
  • 4.3 Helpers
  • 4.4 Layouts
  • 4.5 Partials
  • 5.1 AJAX
  • 5.2 Visual effect
  • 5.3 Visual effect
  • 5.4 Auto-completion
  • 5.5 Unobtrusive JS
  • 6.1 Sending an e-mail without attachment
  • 6.2 Sending an e-mail without attachment
  • 6.3 Receiving and processing emails
  • 7.1 Dynamic, Hash finders
  • 7.2 Using with_scope, content_for, with_options
  • 7.3 Filtering sensitive logs
  • 7.4 Eager Loading
  • 7.5 SQL injection
  • 7.6 Working with Date and Time format
  • 7.7 Create a plug-in
  • 7.8 Pagination using will_paginate
  • 7.9 Using Logger
  • 7.10 Generating PDF, RSS feeds
  • 7.11 Handling cache

Exam & Certification

There is no certification path available for Ruby on Rails till.
There is no certification path available for Ruby on Rails till.




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