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32 Hrs Weekend Morning-Batch USD 300
INR 12999
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32 Hrs Weekend Evening-Batch USD 300
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32 Hrs Weekdays Morning-Batch USD 300
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About Course

AutoCAD users or other Autodesk software users who want to learn the core features and functionality of AutoCAD with 2D and 3D modeling.
This course is designed to provide you the complete knowledge about AutoCAD product and how to use drawing aids, draw linear dimensions and create 3D images using AutoCAD. This course will cover basics of AutoCAD tool as well as the advanced part also such as object types, creating and extracting block attribute, collaboration and drawing tools, menu customization and overview of 3D modeling.
After completing this course you will be able to -

Understand the complete AutoCAD workspace and UI
Use basic drawing, editing and viewing tools
Organizing drawing objects on layers
Use object-snap tracking and coordinate system
Work with text, hatching and dimensions
Create local and global block
Set up layers, styles and templates
Use viewports and layouts to set printing and plot options
There is no formal prerequisite to join this course.


Autodesk AutoCAD

  • 1.1 Draw lines and rectangles
  • 1.2 Draw Circles, Arcs, and Polygons
  • 2.1 Use object-snap tracking
  • 2.2 Use Coordinate Systems
  • 2.3 Make isometric drawings
  • 3.1 Move and copy objects
  • 3.2 Rotate and scale objects
  • 3.3 Create and use arrays
  • 3.4 Trim and extend objects
  • 3.5 Offset and mirror objects
  • 3.6 Use grip editing
  • 3.7 Fillet and chamfer objects
  • 4.1 Draw and edit polylines
  • 4.2 Blend between objects with splines
  • 4.3 Apply hatches and gradients
  • 5.1 Change object properties
  • 5.2 Alter layer assignments for objects
  • 5.3 Control layer visibility
  • 5.4 Assign properties by object or layer
  • 5.5 Manage layer properties
  • 6.1 Work with blocks
  • 6.2 Manage block attributes
  • 6.3 Reference external drawings and images
  • 7.1 Add and modify text
  • 7.2 Use dimensions
  • 7.3 Add and modify multi leaders
  • 7.4 Create and assign annotative styles
  • 7.5 Use tables
  • 8.1 Create layouts
  • 8.2 Use viewports
  • 8.3 Set printing and plotting options

Exam & Certification

Autodesk offer a certification exam for AutoCAD named as "Autodesk Certified Professional - AutoCAD" to validate the skills and knowledge of a candidate in AutoCAD product to advance careers in engineering, digital arts, and architecture including complex workflow and design challenges.
Exam Name: Autodesk Certified Professional – AutoCAD
Number of Questions: 35
Question type: Multiple choices, matching and point-and-click
Passing score: 75 - 80%
Exam Duration: 120 Minutes




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