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Who should do this course

The best suited audience to attend this course can be -

Product Designers
Human Resource Executives
Loyalty and CRM Managers
Startup Founders/Product People

Why should do this course

Choose the specialist in Information Management and IT Service Management for your ITIL ® Master Qualification

hub4tech has been involved in ITIL® since its origin
hub4tech offers the entire ITIL® Qualification from Foundation to Master
hub4tech has actively contributed to the pilot (undertaken in the test phase) of the ITIL® Master Qualification
hub4tech can support you throughout the entire process from application to certification
If you have previously taken any other (ITIL®) exams from hub4tech you know what you can expect in terms of systems (e.g. your Candidate portal), people and processes

Course Objective

After completing this course, you will be able to:: -

The 3 Fs and how they form a design foundation
Player Types: or how to think about your user in new and engaging ways
Mastery, why it matters and how to design for it
Rewards, the SAPS model, and how to scale reward systems for the long haul
How to build Virality and Engagement Loops
Over 20 different game mechanics and dynamics
How best to apply this to your organization, in depth


Must Complete Designing Gamification Level 1 (Basic) before eligible for certification
Must complete a short online project to earn certification


  • 1.1Prerequisites, Level 1 Course
  • 1.2Key Resources
  • Foundation

  • 2.1 Player Types
  • 2.2Reflect on this Section
  • 2.3 BONUS: Supplemental Video Richard Bartle
  • Reward Systems

  • 3.1ntrinsic vs Extrinsic Rewards
  • 3.2Reflect on Rewards
  • 3.3BONUS: Supplemental Video: Brian Wong from Kiip on Rewards
  • Gamification Mechanics

  • 4.1Point Systems: XP and Redeemable
  • 4.2Point Systems: Skill, Karma and Conclusion
  • 4.3Badges
  • 4.4Levels
  • 4.5Leaderboards
  • Conclusion

  • 5.1 Conclusion & Next Steps
  • Certification

  • 6.1How to Earn Your Certification
  • S. No.Name Education Experience
    1T Debasish Subudhi B.C.A 6 - 9 years

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