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Who should do this course?

Learning Angular JS is an excellent opportunity for web developers and web designers to meet the daily challenges and customer needs. This course is very helpful for those who has a modest knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
This course is designed to let you understand the programming concepts of Angular JS in simple and very easy steps using suitable examples.

Why should do this course?

If we talk about the digital representation of content known as webpages then HTML is used for displaying static or fixed contents and CSS to style that content. But in case of defining dynamic content on webpages HTML is not enough to do so.
AngularJS is a very powerful open source structural framework to define dynamic web pages which is used by thousands of developers worldwide. AngularJS is used to develop interactive and expressive web application.
In this course you will be able to explore what is AngularJS, how it works, and how to creating first web application using Angular JS.

Course Objective

To learn what is Angular JS and why we use it.
To learn about Angular Controllers
To understand what are Expressions & Filters
Effective use of Directives
View Management, and UI-Router
Introduction to Factory, Provider, Services


There is no formal prerequisite to join this course but prior knowledge of HTML and JavaScript will help you to understand the concept in-depth.

1. About AngularJS, Binding, and Modules

2. Angular Controllers

  • 2.1 What is a Controller
  • 2.2 Creating a Controller
  • 2.3 Adding Behaviour
  • 2.4 What is $scope
  • 2.5 Multiple Controllers
  • 2.6 Sharing Data across Controllers
  • 2.7 Controller as Syntax
  • 3. Expressions & Filters

  • 3.1 What is an Expression?
  • 3.2 What can you do in an Expression?
  • 3.3 Using Expressions
  • 3.4 What are Filters?
  • 3.5 Using Filters
  • 3.6 Creating a Custom Filter
  • 4. Directives

  • 4.1 What are Directives in AngularJS
  • 4.2 Built in Directives
  • 4.3 How Directives are instantiated
  • 4.4 Creating a Custom Directive
  • 4.5 Creating a Custom Directive Controller
  • 5. Routing, View Management, and UI-Router

  • 5.1 Routing with NgRoute
  • 5.2 Pretty URLS
  • 5.3 UI Router
  • 6. Factory, Provider, Services

  • 6.1 Getting External Data
  • 6.2 Service Component
  • 6.3 What is a Factory?
  • 6.4 Using a Factory
  • 6.5 What is a Service?
  • S. No.Name Education Experience
    1Kiran Kumar MCA 9 - 12 years
    2Tapan Kapri M.TECH 9 - 12 years
    3Munaswamy MCA 9 - 12 years
    4FAROOK MS, MBA 6 - 9 years
    5Joel Luis BSc IT , Diploma in Advanced Computing 12 - 20 years
    6Mukesh.goel MCA 0 - 3 years
    7Ezhil MCA 12 - 20 years
    8sumeetwajpe MCA 12 - 20 years

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