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Who should do this course?

Those who would benefit from this workshop include:

  • Office personnel and Operators - to understand the importance of following Kaizen as an every-day occurrence
  • Leadership- to learn how to evaluate people Kaizen forms (improvement proposals)
  • Engineers and lean leaders - to understand how to introduce, support, and teach Kaizen
  • Organizations at any stage in a lean transformation that are struggling with:
    - Failures to sustain the results from past suggestions or kaizen events
    - Problems in getting collaborators to propose improvements for their work areas
    - Poor ownership and accountability from employees, for changing the status quo

Why should do this course?

The benefits of Kaizen include the participation of all collaborators in improving and transforming (evolving) the organization in small, every day, incremental steps that do not lose effectiveness over time. Some of the elements utilized to support Kaizen are: Visual Management Kaizen Boards, Kaizen proposal format, Proposal scoring matrix, Kaizen rewards system, Monthly metrics reporting, etc. Besides the tangible benefits, Kaizen is regarded as a most effective technique to improve engagement and culture within a company.

Course Objective

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Kaizen and its importance as a central aspect of a lean system
  • Document Kaizen improvement
  • Judge improvement proposals according to their compliance to the Kaizen requisites
  • Commence a plan for the introduction of Kaizen in your organization



Workshop Agenda

This workshop is based on a hear-see-do approach, so you will learn the key concepts through instruction, discussion, simulation, and small-group exercise. The topics covered are:

  • Kaizen: Toyotaoriginal concept
  • How Kaizen fits in the TPS house
  • Why use Kaizen in your organization
  • Examples of Kaizen from around the world
  • How to start a Kaizen culture
  • What are the steps for preparing the organization
  • Structural requirements for implementation: training, forms, evaluation, steering board, and guidelines.

S. No.Name Education Experience
1Prashant Shinde Certified Agile Coach, Scrum Certified Trainer, Scrum, Kanban, XP, DevOps 9 - 12 years

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