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Overview of tractor industry supply chain – actors involved

  • How does demand and supply planning happen?
    • ASM and BSM decide on demand based on sales projections for 3 months
    • Plants are given demand (60 days of lag time)
    • Assembly and dispatch to nearest depots as per the demands by each region via trailers
    • Depot to dealers based on request placed – usually by road (Insured by the company)
  • Solve the puzzle – Sequence the cards
  • Share your experience – Pick people from different fields to talk on what they do, what would they like to know from people from other fields

Understanding your market and sales Planning

  • View on how planning happens, how are regions categorized (Developing, Developed and Virgin markets)
  • Developing channels
  • Competition

Recap Game

  • Form 4-5 teams
  • Assume you are starting your own tractor manufacturing firm
  • What are different teams you will need
  • How will you plan manufacturing and sales
  • What are the key challenges you will face in running the business
  • How will you market your product
  • Represent your plan

Contract and Alliance

  • Enabling the partners
  • Designing and launching marketing campaigns
  • Listening to your end customer – Product Innovation
  • Channel to organizational extension- Selling business solutions
  • Appreciating the Channel economics
  • Understanding the cost of serving the channels
  • Building profitable alliances and leveraging the relations for better reach

Channel Management

  • Dealership/Channel overview
  • What is channel management?
  • Best practices around channel management.

Dealer on boarding

  • Dealer on boarding process walk through
  • Sequencing exercise
  • Dealer Viability Process
  • Conducting a back of the envelope cost benefit analysis – Opening new channels
  • Calculating Dealer ROI

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