Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

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Who should do this course?

Individuals with supervisory and managerial responsibility required to utilize problem solving techniques to solve problems at workplace.

Why should do this course?

This training program on Problem solving and decision making tools and Techniques that teaches about the basics and application of these skills in day-to-day work. We have designed an interactive program to make it easy for participants to understand the concept and also to make it interesting.

Course Objective

At the conclusion of this training the participants will be able to

1. Understand the importance of Problem solving and decision making tools and techniques
2. Application of these tools in day to day operation
3. Improve their respective processes by applying these tools
4. Demonstrate the effectiveness of tools to their peers



Process Overview

Overview of Problem Analysis
Overview of Decision Analysis
Overview of Execution Analysis
Overview of Situation Analysis
Types of Measures

List Issues

Clarify & Classify Issues
Set Prioritization Criteria
Prioritize Issues using prioritization tools e.g. control impact matrix, grid analysis, tree analysis

Problem Analysis

State Problem
Describe Problem
Data gathering, Identify Likely Causes
Evaluate Likely Causes
Verify Root Cause

Problem Analysis Techniques

Overview of Problem Analysis Techniques
Differences & Changes
Repetitive Problem

Problem Analysis Tools

Overview of SPC and QC Tools
Data Sheet
Pareto Chart
Scattered Diagram
Control Chart
Trend Analysis
Cause & Effect Diagram

Decision Analysis

State Decision
Set Evaluation Criteria
Develop & Evaluate Options
Identify Risks
Make Final Choice

Execution Analysis

State Execution
Set Objectives
Develop Plan
Manage Risks & Opportunities
Implement Plan

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