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Who should do this course?

Professionals engaged in channel management

Why should do this course?

Selecting the most appropriate distribution channels and motivating channel partners are key factors in selling profitably through third parties. It is essential for any organization involved in the selection and management of channel partners to know how to build and manage effective working relationships that build trust, add value and avoid conflict. Most importantly, over years the channel health and product positioning undergoes changes, it is important to evaluate the market potential, understand the customer and bring in innovation through existing and new channels to sustain and boost sales. We have designed this workshop to re visit the basics of channel management and provide a structure to establish the issues on ground and help participants look at the selling and distribution with a fresh lens.

Course Objective

Our training focuses on 5 basics of channel management:

1) Channel design,
2) motivation of channel members,
3) education and training of channel members,
4) selling through channel members, and
5) evaluation of the performance of channel members.



Introduction- A bit about you and your sales territory

Understanding the product, value and competition

Understanding the cost of serving channels

Understanding the customer

Selling experience - Challenges and Advantages in your region

Dealer selection/Optimization (Coverage, Infrastructure, Demand, Competition, Financial tie ups, Scale, payments)

Dealer evaluation and service improvement (Brand Protection, Incentives, Scale, Product Awareness)

  • Brand Protection
  • Reach and Access
  • Knowledge of product/ Customer enablement
  • Identification of selection criteria for potential channel partners and applying weightings according to importance.
  • Service , Support and Staff

Beyond Dealers and Existing Channels - Resellers, Renting, Loans, Online, Village Kiosks- what is working?

  • Understanding the nature of buyers and available infrastructure
  • Conducting a back of the envelope cost benefit analysis – Opening new channels

Enabling the partners

  • Dealer training
  • Designing and launching marketing campaigns

Listening to your end customer - Product Innovation

Channel to organizational extension- Selling business solutions

Appreciating the Channel economics

  • Understanding the cost of serving the channels
  • Building profitable alliances and leveraging the relations for better reach
  • Negotiating mutually beneficial contract and alliance

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