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Who should do this course

Supervisory Staff
Team Leaders
Service Designers
IT Architects
IT Planners
IT Consultants
IT Audit Managers
IT Security Managers

Why should do this course

ITIL Intermediate SO certification training includes both online and classroom training that allows candidates to prepare for the ITIL® SO exam in the comfort of their own place and/or in a Classroom learning environment..

Course Objective

After completing this course, you will be able to:: -

Explain the involvement of Service Operation staff within other lifecycle stages
Explain how Service Operation (SO) is organized and how its functions are structured
Describe the Operational Activities in other Lifecycle Stages


Delegates wishing to take this examination must have previously passed the ITIL Foundation Examination..


  • 1.1 Introduction To Service OperationPreview
  • 1.2 ITIL And Good Practice In Service Management
  • 1.3 ITIL - The Library Constituents
  • 1.4 Service Operation - Purpose
  • 1.5 Service Operation - Objectives
  • 1.6 Service Operation - Scope
  • 1.7 Service Operation - Value To Business
  • Service Operation Principles

  • 2.1 Service Operation Principles Preview
  • 2.2 Service Operation: Responsibilities
  • 2.3 Achieving Balance In Service Operation
  • 2.4 Achieving Balance In Service Operation
  • Organizing for Service Operation

  • 3.1 Organizing For Service Operation
  • 3.2 Functions Within Service Operation
  • 533 Functions Within Service Operation
  • 3.4 Service Desk Preview
  • Implementation of Service Operation

  • 4.1 Implementation Considerations
  • 4.2 Implementation Considerations
  • 4.3 Managing Change In Service Operation
  • 4.4 Service Operation And Project Management
  • S. No.Name Education Experience

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