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Channel Management

Selecting the most appropriate distribution channels and motivating channel partners are key factors in selling profitably through third parties. It is essential for any organization involved in the selection and management of channel partners to know how to build and manage effective working relationships that build trust, add value and avoid conflict. Most importantly, over years the channel health and product positioning undergoes changes, it is important to evaluate the market potential, understand the customer and bring in innovation through existing and new channels to sustain and boost sales. We have designed this workshop to re visit the basics of channel management and provide a structure to establish the issues on ground and help participants look at the selling and distribution with a fresh lens.

Effective Negotiation Skill

This Negotiation Skills Training Course provides you with practical negotiation techniques applicable to negotiation in many contexts and situations. The negotiation training course is run like a workshop where you are given some theory, then work in pairs or small teams to prepare for negotiations that are relevant to your needs.

Voice of Customer

This workshop addresses the importance of capturing the voice of the customer (VOC) to drive product development, presents how to undertake various VOC methodologies, discusses when they should be used, and leads participants through the process of planning how to capture the VOC. The workshop includes exercises to develop practical experience with various VOC methods and results in the development of a VOC plan for an actual product opportunity.


Value Analysis and Value Engineering(VA/VE) is a systematic approach to HOW to reduce manufacturing cost without compromising and sacrificing the functions. The need for importance of Cost Reduction Programs within a company cannot be overstated.

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