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Saturday, May, 06, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Last year was the year of Big Data – the year when big data and analytics made tremendous progress through innovative technologies, data-driven decision making and outcome-centric analytics. Worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will grow more than $203 billion in 2020 (...

Thursday, May, 04, 2017
Hitesh Patel

In this blog post we cover various aspects of the SQL Server interview questions and answers. These interview questions from start to finish helping you grasp concepts faster and get to the point quickly. Learn Database Management System, purpose of database and more. These questions are...

Wednesday, May, 03, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Are you planning to attend an Oracle database interview soon? Here are a few questions and answers you may find interesting. Here is a list of 20 frequently asked interview questions about Oracle Database with their answers. It’s a good practice to go through all of these questions before...

Tuesday, May, 02, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Get the top list of frequently asked DNS Questions and Answers that will assist every IT professional in clearing their DNS interview with ease. These interview questions and answers on DNS will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts...

Monday, May, 01, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Every programmer has to deal with some form of data, and that data is always stored in some type of database. Knowledge of the basics is essential – think of database knowledge as part of the foundation that makes a good programmer. And, knowledge of advanced topics can make you a really...

Saturday, April, 29, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Get the collection of SOA interview questions which could be helpful before going for a technical interview. With this SOA interview questions you can test how deep your knowledge of service oriented architecture is.

From business point of view you should be able to design software...

Friday, April, 28, 2017
Hitesh Patel

When you are looking for a job as a Magento developer, you don’t know about what question will be asked in your job interview? In this blog, we are summarizing most common Magento interview questions with answers so that you will have a better preparation for your Magento Job interview....

Thursday, April, 27, 2017
Hitesh Patel

You are a networking professional and looking to kick starts your high flying career in networking domain. Here is a list of Top VPN interview questions and answers for fresher and experienced - In this blog post, we have covered all about VPN questions and answer that might be asked during your...

Friday, April, 21, 2017
Hitesh Patel

You can go for a SAS interview with more confidence if you know that you are prepared to respond to the any kind of technical questions that an interviewer might ask you.

Here is a list of most frequently asked SAS interview questions which covers basic, intermediate and advanced concepts...

Wednesday, April, 19, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Selenium is a most popular automation testing tool and used by many top MNCs. According To Business Wire Selenium gets 300 percent increase in job postings over the past three years.

When you apply for a job as an automation tester, you are most likely being expected to have experience...

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