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Tuesday, June, 27, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Are you preparing for a Business Analyst job interview and wondering what questions you might be asked?  In this blog we have hand-picked the questions you are likely to be asked in a business analyst job interview and provided to-the-point answers to each one of them so as to help you...

Monday, June, 26, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Welcome to the best collection of SAP BusinessObjects Interview Questions with standard Answers. Based on our expert’s years of experience in BusinessObjects reporting tool, we have hand-picked these questions and provided to-the-point answers to each one of them so as to help you prepare...

Saturday, June, 24, 2017
Hitesh Patel

SAP Crystal Reports is a business intelligence tool helps in generating reports from SAP as well as non-SAP data sources. Knowledge of this tool is a plus for managers and business leaders who can generate quality advanced level reports which will help them in making better strategic decisions...

Wednesday, June, 21, 2017
Hitesh Patel

IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an ETL tool and part of the IBM Information Platforms Solutions suite and IBM InfoSphere. It uses a graphical notation to construct data integration solutions and is available in various versions such as the Server Edition, the Enterprise Edition, and the MVS Edition...

Tuesday, June, 20, 2017
Hitesh Patel

IBM Cognos Business intelligence is a web based reporting and analytic tool. It is used to perform data aggregation and create user friendly detailed reports. IBM Cognos provides a wide range of features and can be considered as enterprise software to provide flexible reporting environment and...

Monday, June, 12, 2017
Hitesh Patel

ETL is the process of transferring data from source database to the destination data warehouse. In the process, there are 3 different sub-processes like E for Extract, T for Transform and L for Load. The data is extracted from the source database in the extraction process which is then...

Friday, June, 09, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Microstrategy is a Business Intelligence software which offers a very wide range of data analytics capabilities. As a suite of applications, it offers Data Discovery, Data Discovery, Advanced Analytics, Data Visualizations, Embedded BI and Banded Reports and Statements.

If you are looking...

Monday, June, 05, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Now days’ Java is the most trusted programming language across the global developer community. Approx all of the Fortune 1000 companies running applications on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java has become a legendary language and new languages and technology closely related to Java are...

Thursday, June, 01, 2017
Meenakshi Goyal

Agility is a word that is made from two powerful words i.e quick and creative. Every company looks the agile professionals. In today’s blog, we are discussing how any successful companies develop people, process and marketing technologies to make agile marketing happen at a large scale....

Monday, May, 29, 2017
Hitesh Patel

Have an upcoming Cake PHP interview for a web developer position? Industry experienced expert at Hub4tech create list of advance Cake PHP interview questions to help you prepare for your technical interview. Can you answer them all?

PHP is an important part of the web world, and every web...

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