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Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing – Everyone Should Know About It

Mon, 2017-10-16 13:14
Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is evolving like never before, everywhere people are talking about it. Be it small-scale organization, mid-size or any large-scale organization, company of all sizes are adapting to this new technology. According to the industry experts, this trend will keep growing in coming years. You may be amazed to know that more than 30% of the revenue comes from the Cloud computing and it will keep growing. Undoubtedly, there are so many benefits but not without its downsides. Let’s dig deeper to know the list of advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.

Firstly, we are discussing the advantages of Cloud computing.

  1. Say ‘Goodbye’ to Costly Systems: Business can enjoy Cloud hosting at minimum spends. Because everything is available on Cloud so a local system is needed very less that saves the cost of any company to buy costly software and devices.
  2. Backup And Recovery Option: Since all the data is stored and accessed anywhere through Cloud. Moreover, it is relatively easier to store or backup the data from any location and also can be recovered anywhere I case data is lost on one storage device.
  3. Unlimited Storage: Cloud offers an unlimited amount of storage to store your data in case you have an ad-hoc requirement, you will not be needed to upgrade your physical storage device.
  4. Easy Accessibility: As we have already discussed, data stored on Cloud can be accessed anywhere or everywhere. It helps you to keep on working when you are out from your office location and all of sudden you have some urgent requirement.
  5. Automatic Software Integration: In Cloud, software integration is done automatically. It means you don’t need to worry in case your business needs some other software to execute any new task. You can handpick your desired software application that best suits to your business needs and customize it according to your requirement.

Now, you may have an idea about its great benefits. However, everything comes with its own downside. Let’s discuss the list of disadvantages:

  1. Technical Glitches: It is really true that data stored on Cloud can be accessed anywhere, anytime. However, sometimes the system can have some serious dysfunction or low bandwidth of internet hang your system to access the data or stuck you somewhere for network and connectivity problem.
  2. Security Issue: Your data is secured over the cloud is not 100% true all time as you are surrendering your sensitive information to a third party. Probably, it can put your company at great risk. First thing, you should sure about it is a reliable Cloud service provider. Moreover, they have safe server and less prone to a hacker. Nothing on the internet is completely secure and hence properly examines that how your cloud provider ensures you about data protection.


Like everything else, cloud computing has its pros and cons. Any business can overcome these outages by taking a step towards their own internet connection and reliability check about the Cloud service provider. Just by looking at so many advantages, businesses of all size are more focusing towards Cloud computing. The strong benefits such as security protection, unlimited storage, easy accessibility, data centralization, backup, recovery, flexibility, quick testing have rocked the business world and outweighed all cons.

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Meenakshi Goyal
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