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Cloud Computing – A Game Changer for Business

Thu, 2017-10-12 18:39
Cloud Computing – A Game Changer for Business

Over the past few years, the internet has grown up a large interconnected world. Everyday interconnection of devices and system is growing rapidly. The more connected system, the more space or infrastructure is required by the businesses and sometimes it goes unmanageable to meet the demands, especially for SMBs. However, it can be resolved using the concept of Cloud computing.

Unlike many other technologies, the real value aids of Cloud lie in the operational changes along with technology. The use of cloud computing can be a game changer for any business as a business can avail these benefits:

  • No routine maintenance is required and hence you can shift your IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.
  • Get a chance to quick launch of new applications in areas like predictive analytics and customer relationship management that improve revenue-per-customer and point-of-sale upsell opportunities.
  • Eliminates the long hours to transfer or load procedures, strategies to multiple data sources through the use of data integration layer.
  • Cloud service also enables the advanced functionality to their ecommerce site and call centers to yield rapid benefits. For instance, customer sign up for the mass mailing list or to pay with bitcoin.
  • The use of integrated multiple Cloud service helps to build new products or insights.

According to Frank Gens, senior vice president and chief analyst at IDC, “The biggest impact of the cloud is the ability to accelerate the rate of innovation for the business”. Switching to the Cloud can be a perfect choice for the business having any adhoc resource requirements. The other benefits which a business can avail using Cloud model are becoming more nimbl, work smarter through agile and cost-effective access to technology and information.

Be it small size, mid-size or large size business can avail the benefit from adopting a Cloud computing approach. Generally, the larger organization opt for private Cloud as it can hold a large amount of computing capacity behind the firewall. Smaller companies may avail the benefits of Cloud by choosing public Cloud model as it cut the total cost and minimize or remove your downtime. Data and application in public Cloud model are stored remotely on a hardware located at Cloud provider’s facility and can be accessed over the internet.

Cloud are becoming the most popular among all business because of three major functions it offers:

  1. Anytime, Anywhere Access: With Cloud computing, you don’t need to worry about your physical ability to your workspace. For any ad-hoc requirement, you can access your data anywhere and can start working on it. Hence a business can avail maximum benefits without losing their productivity and confidence of clients.
  2. Data Backup, Data Recovery: Do you know if you lost your laptop and flashdrive, how much loss you would be incurred? But thanks to Cloud as the data stored in Cloud can be accessed on any other physical device. In case of loss of any physical device will not hamper your productivity.
  3. Data Security: The biggest concern of business is cyber security now a days. Hackers try to access your data over the internet. But a strong security/protection layer help the business to keep their data secure.

These are the reasons why most of the business are switching to the Cloud or you can say Cloud has become the game changer for many businesses. Many big brands like Microsoft, Google, IBM all are using the concept of Cloud Computing. A popular social networking site is all based on the concept of Cloud computing.

Hopefully, you get a clear idea how bright future it has for the Cloud professionals and how much it has revolutionized the way to work.  Every business owner wants to use it for their business if not using already.

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Meenakshi Goyal
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