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About Course

We recommend this course for operations professionals who are familiar with the fundamentals of MongoDB or looking to make a career in MongoDB.
This course is designed to deliver administrative knowledge about the concepts and mechanics of MongoDB. You will learn everything required in administration of a MongoDB installation in production mode.
This course begins with the basics of MongoDB like installation and simple querying. This course will cover all the extensive knowledge like importing and exporting data, replication, fault tolerance, indexing, performance tuning, monitoring, sharding, backups and recovery.
After completing this course, you will able to understand how applications work with MongoDB as well as you will have a great foundation for the preparation of MongoDB DBA Certification exam. This course will provide you the complete understanding of below key areas –
System Installing, Sizing and Tuning
Disaster Recovery, Fault Tolerance and Backup
Monitoring and Sharded Cluster Management
Data Integrity, Authentication, Authorization and Security
To attend this course there is no requirement for any prior knowledge of MongoDB. But a knowledge about administrating any other database will be helpful to understand the concept in a quick way.


MongoDB Administrator

  • 1.1 Performance
  • 1.2 JSON
  • 1.3 BSON
  • 1.4 Fault Tolerance
  • 1.5 Disaster Recovery
  • 1.6 Horizontal Scaling
  • 1.7 Mongo shell
  • 2.1 Create Operation
  • 2.2 Read Operation
  • 2.3 Update Operation
  • 2.4 Delete operations


  • 3.1 Single key indexing
  • 3.2 Compound indexing
  • 3.3 Multi-key indexing
  • 3.4 Mechanics indexing
  • 3.5 Performance
  • 4.1 Pipeline
  • 4.2 Operators
  • 4.3 Memory usage
  • 4.4 Sorting, skipping and limiting
  • 5.1 Configuration
  • 5.2 Oplog concepts
  • 5.3 Write concern
  • 5.4 Elections
  • 5.5 Failover
  • 5.6 Deployment to multiple data centers


  • 6.1 Components
  • 6.2 When to shard
  • 6.3 Balancing
  • 6.4 Shard keys
  • 6.5 Hashed shard keys
  • 7.1 Data files
  • 7.2 Journaling
  • 7.3 Authentication
  • 7.4 Authorization
  • 8.1 Performance analysis
  • 8.2 Storage engines
  • 8.3 Diagnostics and debugging
  • 8.4 Maintenance
  • 8.5 Backup and recovery

Exam & Certification

Exam question types are multiple choices and check all that apply.
There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
Exam scores are based on the number of correct answers with an adjustment made for the overall difficulty of the exam as determined by the data and expert assessment.
Exam results will be available within 3 weeks following the close of the exam period. We need time to review any questions raised by the proctors and calculate exam results.
Exam ID - C100DBA
Exam name: MongoDB Certified DBA Associate
You have 90 minutes to complete this exam.
MongoDB certification exams are delivered online using a web proctoring solution.
To take the exam, you must schedule an exam session with our proctoring partner, Examity.

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