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40 Hrs Weekend Morning-Batch USD 500
INR 20000
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40 Hrs Weekend Evening-Batch USD 500
INR 20000
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40 Hrs Weekdays Morning-Batch USD 500
INR 20000
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40 Hrs Weekdays Evening-Batch USD 500
INR 20000
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About Course

This course is designed for professionals who are familiar with programming, linux commands and looking a career path in Data Analytics area. The targeted audience for this course can be –

IT Architects
Business Intelligence professionals
Recent graduates looking for a career path in Big Data
This course is aiming to prepare you for the Big Data world by delivering in-depth knowledge of key concepts required to ingest and process data on a Hadoop cluster. In this course you will get the insight understanding of Hadoop ecosystem like Spark, Hive, Flume, Sqoop, and Impala.
After completing this course you will be able to -

Understand the core concept of HDFS
Distribute and process data using Hadoop cluster and Apache Spark
Use Sqoop and Flume for data loading
Work with Pig, Hive and YARN to perform data analytics
Understand the data structure in tables using Impala and Hive
There is no prerequisite required to join this course.


Big Data and Hadoop Developer

  • 1.1 Problems with Traditional Large-Scale Systems
  • 1.2 Hadoop!
  • 1.3 Data Storage and Ingest
  • 1.4 Data Processing
  • 1.5 Data Analysis and Exploration
  • 1.6 Other Ecosystem Tools
  • 2.1 Distributed Processing on a Cluster
  • 2.2 Storage: HDFS Architecture
  • 2.3 Storage: Using HDFS
  • 2.4 Resource Management: YARN Architecture
  • 2.5 Resource Management: Working with YARN
  • 3.1 Sqoop Overview
  • 3.2 Basic Imports and Exports
  • 3.3 Limiting Results
  • 3.4 Improving Sqoop’s Performance
  • 3.5 Sqoop 2
  • 4.1 Introduction to Impala and Hive
  • 4.2 Why Use Impala and Hive?
  • 4.3 Querying Data With Impala and Hive
  • 4.4 Comparing Hive and Impala to Traditional Databases
  • 5.1 Data Storage Overview
  • 5.2 Creating Databases and Tables
  • 5.3 Loading Data into Tables
  • 5.4 HCatalog
  • 5.5 Impala Metadata Caching
  • 6.1 Selecting a File Format
  • 6.2 Hadoop Tool Support for File Formats
  • 6.3 Avro Schemas
  • 6.4 Using Avro with Impala, Hive, and Sqoop
  • 6.5 Avro Schema Evolution
  • 6.6 Compression
  • 7.1 Partitioning Overview
  • 7.2 Partitioning in Impala and Hive
  • 8.1 What is Apache Flume?
  • 8.2 Basic Flume Architecture
  • 8.3 Flume Sources
  • 8.4 Flume Sinks
  • 8.5 Flume Channels
  • 8.6 Flume Configuration
  • 9.1 What is Apache Spark?
  • 9.2 Using the Spark Shell
  • 9.3 RDDs (Resilient Distributed Datasets)
  • 9.4 Functional Programming in Spark
  • 10.1 Creating RDDs
  • 10.2 Other General RDD Operations
  • 11.1 Spark Applications vs. Spark Shell
  • 11.2 Creating the SparkContext
  • 11.3 Building a Spark Application (Scala and Java)
  • 11.4 Running a Spark Application
  • 11.5 The Spark Application Web UI
  • 11.6 Configuring Spark Properties
  • 11.7 Logging
  • 12.1 Review: Spark on a Cluster
  • 12.2 RDD Partitions
  • 12.3 Partitioning of File-Based RDDs
  • 12.4 HDFS and Data Locality
  • 12.5 Executing Parallel Operations
  • 12.6 Stages and Tasks
  • 13.1 RDD Lineage
  • 13.2 RDD Persistence Overview
  • 13.3 Distributed Persistence
  • 14.1 Common Spark Use Cases
  • 14.2 Iterative Algorithms in Spark
  • 14.3 Graph Processing and Analysis
  • 14.4 Machine Learning
  • 14.5 Example: k-means
  • 15.1 Spark SQL and the SQL Context
  • 15.2 Creating DataFrames
  • 15.3 Transforming and Querying DataFrames
  • 15.4 Saving DataFrames
  • 15.5 DataFrames and RDDs
  • 15.6 Comparing Spark SQL, Impala, and Hive-on-Spark

Exam & Certification

Exam Name: CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam
Exam Code: CCA175
Number of question: 10 – 12 Performance based
Exam duration: 120 Minutes
Passing marks: 70%
Language: English, Japanese

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Akshat Gupta
Certification: AWS Certified Solution Architect
Professional Experience
Training Experience


AWS, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Hadoop ,

1) Extensive experience in Project Life Cycle Mana gement through Initiation, Business Function Study, Requirement Finalization, Project Scoping, Effort & Time Estimation and deployment/ Implementations. 2) Cohesive Team Player with Fast Learning Curve along with strong analytical, problem solving, innovation, planning, organizational, communication & interpersonal skills 3) Specialized in EC2, S3, VPC, Nating, VPN, Big data Hadoop and LAMP etc. 4) Take Training on AWS, BIG DATA HADOOP and LINUX. Read More...
Archana Jaiswal
Certification: Cloudera Certified Developer - Hadoop , Hortonworks Certified Developer (HDPCD)
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Big Data, Cassandra, Hadoop , MongoDB, Apache Spark, Hortonworks Certified Developer (HDPCD), Cloudera Certified Developer - Hadoop,

Archana Jaiswal is a Freelance Corporate Trainer, Blogger, and Consultant with International Experience. Archana currently conducts Hadoop Developer, Spark, HBaase, MongoDB, Cassandra training programs and executive coaching for various large organizations. She is a Cloudera Certified Trainer for Hadoop Developer and Hadoop Spark as well as Hortonworks Certified Trainer for Data Analyst and has successfully completed Cloudera Hadoop Developer certification (CCDH) and Hortonworks Developer Certification. Archana did her Master’s in Computer Application from Sikkim Manipal University and is a Graduate from University of Delhi in Human Psychology. Read More...
Dr. Kamal Gulati
Certification: CCNA , MCP , Willey Certified Big Data Analyst (WCBDA)
Professional Experience
Training Experience

Ph. D., M.Sc. (Computer Science), M.C.A.

AWS, Big Data, CCNA, Database, Hadoop , HTML, MongoDB, MS Office, MySQL , Networking , QlikView, SAAS , SQL, Tableau, VBA Macros, Data Science,

A dedicated and astute professor with 13+ of exper ience in Teaching, Research, Corporate Trainings, Student Management and Coordination with various Academic & Corporate Institute. - Currently working with Amity University, Noida as Assistant Professor, Grade-III – Information Technology & Management. - Worked as Sr. Lecturer with G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida. - Worked as I.T Instructor with Bahrain Training Institute, Kingdom of Bahrain (Gulf). - Result oriented, excellent communication, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to students at all levels across the organization; possess stupendous skills for teaching, mentoring, guiding and controlling the students. - Possess knowledge about the internal administrative tasks that are performed within institutions. Read More...
Sasidhar Mukthinuthalapati
It is my privilege to recommend Dr. Gulati who taught me I.T. Project Management (SOF – 501). He is an excellent Professor in the university of CSIT Department. Due to his real world experience, he was able to use business examples to supplement textbooks in class. He is truly an extremely intelligent and dedicated professional in all his endeavors with good communication and collaboration skill. I highly recommend him.
Vishwanath Lingamurthy
It is my privilege to write feedback regarding your Knowledge in the subject, teaching capabilities, interaction with students and enlightening them in subject as a CSIT Visiting Scholar Stratford University. Sir your knowledge in the in IT project management is extremely appreciated by all the student community. I was always amazed by the interest you show to motivate to acquire more knowledge and leverage it in research and teaching. I have not seen any situation that you do not have proper answer whenever I ask any questions, relevant or irrelevant, regarding my subject. I am really impressed by the depth of knowledge you have in IT project management. Sir you have got very good communication skills in explaining the subject in a simple and systematic way, which will make any student comfortable and confident about the subject. Your way of presenting simple and friendly lectures helped me a lot to get up to the speed and excel in my work and studies. Dr. Gulati, you show enormously great patience to make anybody comfortable in the subject. As I said earlier, you have spent so many hours with us to explain various techniques which made me thorough in what I am doing in class. Dr. Gulati you are not only friendly but also is gauging our needs as graduate students. You display a genuine concern for the advancement of his students. As a mentor you freely share your knowledge and experience and helps us to be confident in the chosen field of subject. I am sublimating with great pleasure that you are Master in molding me as dynamic and enthusiastic towards the subject. You are the instrumental to ensure the students get quality education they deserve. It is really an honor to the University to have Dr. Gulati a well-qualified and dedicate CIST Scholar sir. I can state with absolute certainty that you are an exceptional teacher I ever seen in my career. Dr. Gulati sir you are one on the best teachers and mentors I ever had in my life and I strongly believe that you w
Dr. Shakir Ullah Khan
Dr. Kamal Gulati is an enthusiastic and helpful person and a great teacher. He has received a very positive feedback from his students at Stratford University. He is committed to excellence. I am sure will be a valuable asset for any university.
Avishek Chakrabarty
I consider myself extremely privileged to have received my education in the field of Computer Sciences from Dr. Kamal Gulati during my MBA, at Amity University. With excellent knowledge and command over the subject, Prof. Kamal always gave his 100% so that we could receive the best education. He was not just a professor to us, but also a friend who was always there for his students whenever we needed him. I thank you sir, for always guiding us in the best possible way.
billy Mwamba
dr kamal gulaty was one of my best faculty in amity university... he thought me two subjects from whrere i learnt many things... proud to have a such of faculty...speaks well teach very... all the best
Kapil Dhingra
Kamal is an ace professional. He is calm, focused & has an eye for detail. He has the ability to work under tight deadlines and has the willingness to take on challenges and achieve his objectives within the given timelines which is what makes him a perfect professional... Wish you luck!!!
Neha Malhotra
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Kamal since 2009. Ambitious professor. Always maintains very good relation with students.Dr. Kamal is an intelligent, achievement oriented, independent and careful teacher. He is not only a multi-skilled and proactive professional but also an inspiring person.
Rajesh. C. Bhatnagar
He is highly qualified both academically and professionally. He has shown extra ordinary competencies in problem resolutions in our department. He has rich experience of Industry working. For last 7 years he has working as a member of faculty at Amity University, Noida he is well known and recognized for his teaching and administrative skills. He is apt in Multi tasking and has dis-changed his administrative duties with excellence in performance. He is held in high esteem by his colleagues, seniors and students. He has qualities of head and heart which have endeared him to his students and colleagues. He will be an asset for any organization he works for. I wish him all success in life.
Praveen Telu
Very fortunate to study under a faculty like you sir. The inputs, support and encouragement you gave me has changed my student career, Whatever I am now it is all coz of you. Thank you sir and hoping that my next batch students will also get benefited with the indepth knowledge of IT skills you have.
Dr. Kamal Gulati is a dedicated, committed & intelligent faculty member who can handle any matter given with full competency. His approach to solve any problem is very innovative and out of box. He is an asset to any organisation on account of his positive approach & problem solving skill.
Kamal is a gem and one among the best teachers I have worked with and is a passionate teacher.
shantanu Chakraborty
He is Hardworking ,Committed and Extremely focused on whatever assignment he undertakes.He had an ability to explore new idea and is very flexible.He easily adopt him selves to different roles and responsibility assigned to him
B R Singh
I have been working with Prof Kamal Gulati for the last 5 years and during this period I obsereved that he is highly dedicated Professional, carrier oriented person. He is good team performer and also a good team manager. I can safely vouch, he is an asset to any organization - education provider or otherwise
Aparna Datt
Kamal has been an excellent person to work with. His in depth knowledge about E-commerce, CRM and other aspects of IT combined with management is commendable. He is a thorough and dedicated professional who is always ready to help and a wonderful human being to work with.
Pranav Gupta
u r the best.....
Inderjit Jain
An energatic young man with commitments,convictions and simple habits. Always availble to help others with a smile. I wish him all the success in life
Suddhendu Biswas
He is exceptionally brilliant and sincere worker.He knows his subject and well manages his profession. I wish him success in all his endeavors.
Priyanka Bhagat
Mr. Kamal Gulati was my IT teacher in MBA (G.L.Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management. along with our syllabus ,he gave us a lots of extra knowledge which is useful in day to day activities.He has a vast knowledge of subject he teaches.Any query he use to solve on same day and always helped us whenever we asked for notes etc.
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Big Data, Hadoop ,

Brief about yourself
Certification: Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Agile and Scrum Master, Angular JS, Big Data, Hadoop , J2EE, Java ,

Application Developer, Scrum Master, and Project L ead in a wide variety of business applications. Interested in client/server and relational database design & migration projects. Read More...
Pankaj Kumar Pathak
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Cloudera, Cloudera Impala, Hadoop , Hbase, OpenStack, Python, R, Red Hat , Redhat Linux , RUBY, Ruby on Rails, SAS, Tableau, UNIX, Data Science,

Pankaj has around 16 years of experience in IT cor porate along with 4 years of experience in Data Science. He is expertise in complete Data Science (Data Analysis, Data Migration and Data Visualization) also and already has trained more than 100 Hadoop architect. he has worked with prominent IT companies like HCL and CSC. he has handle various national and overseas projects on various technologies like Python, R, Linux, Hadoop , Tableau an Qlikview. I also provide world wide training on open source hot skills such as Apache Hadoop, R, Python, Tableau, Qlikview etc.... Read More...
Mukesh kumar
I do not hesitate to give a 5 star for Mr Pankaj. He has enormous knowledge on Analytics, he knows what industries needs and how can a student be trained in that path. Even a beginner can be able to catch up with an experienced one with his way of teaching. His knowledge on Data science concepts was exceptional well.
Gaurav Kumar
Pankaj has excellent knowledge about statistics and modelling and would be the best tutor, if you are looking out for any kind of knowledge on Data science. He is very patient with the students and goes extra mile to make them understand the subject. Hats of to good work. Thank you.
Sunil baliwal
Pankaj is a very knowledgeable and efficient tutor. He knows the subject and also teaches very well. His classes are a must take for some one looking for statistics or modelling or data science knowledge. Highly appreciate his knowledge and effort he takes for making the students understand the subject.
Anurag Sharma
Highly recommended. Pankaj has fantastic understanding about the subject and also the current economic situation. Pankaj teaching skills are fantastic and the best thing is he always happy to help.
Anurag Sharma
Excellent Trainer!!!
Vinay Rastogi
it was a fantastic experience with Mr Pankaj, According to me he is one of the best trainer for the experienced candidates. He has the ability to guide the students for industrial environment.
Good trainer .
Sachin Pandey
Pankaj sir is a very calm teacher he clear our each and every doubt calmly.
I am very much delighted to let you know that I have successfully finished the Hadoop classes with Mr pankaj Sir . I am pleased with the class lectures, lecturer, tech hub team members. Provide good quality lectures for all the classes. Its a good experienced took hadoop course with tech hub institute specially pankaj sir. He has a very good experienced.
Deepanjali Saxena
Class s gd
Priyanshu Purwar
I am taking python classes from Pankaj sir. The methodology of teaching is quite different i.e. more hands-on and less theory, that is good for the students. he is very good in explaining things.
Sakshi Kaul
Good knowledge.
Jatin Mahajan
Good knowledge and able to resolve my issue .... Always motivating for good performance...
Raghavendra Reddy
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Hadoop ,

Raghu Raman A V
Certification: CCNA , CCNP - R&S , CCNA - Security , JNCIP-ENT
Professional Experience
Training Experience


AWS, Cisco, Cloud Computing, Cloud ERP, EMC Storage, Hadoop , Microsoft Hyper V, Microsoft Server, Puppet, VMware ,

Corporate Trainer with over 9 years of experience Expertise in educating team members in the utilization of new systems for improving business growth. Known for establishing sound training programs from scratch and improving training processes and procedures. Exceptional ability to collaborate with team members and teach new concepts in an effective manner. Proven track record of analyzing requirements and designing key solutions that meet customer goals. Planned, scheduled and managed all training classes. Mentored other training professionals and class instructors. Proven ability to motivate others to study and excel. Resolve conflict and handle sensitive employee situations. Strong oral communication and presentation skills with ability to teach adults. Strong professional image. Excellent at PC applications to develop training materials and manuals. Demonstrated organizational skills and implementing multiple priorities and plans. Read More...
Ben Paul
I have worked closely with Raghu for 2 years at NIIT Limited. I found him to be hardworking and very knowledgeable. I have always found him next to me helping me solve the problem whenever I needed him. He is technically very sound in his domain.
Certification: Big Data Analytics
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Apache Sqoop, Big Data, Cassandra, Cloud Computing, Cloudera, Hadoop , Hbase, HQL, J2EE, Java , Primavera, VirtualBox, Virtualization, VMware , Apache Flume, Apache HDFS, Apache Hive, Apache Oozie,

Good knowledge of Hadoop & Ecosystem Components - HDFS, MapReduce, PIG, HIVE, HBase, ZooKeeper, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, Cassandra, Single & Multinode Cluster setup for Hadoop, Apache Ambari, Cloudera VM, Hortonworks Sandbox VM, R Programming, Node.Js. Provides training on Big Data Hadoop & Its Ecosystem. Read More...
Shiva Reddy
Certification: Big Data , IBM Big Data & Analytics , IBM Spark
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Hadoop , Qlik Sense, QlikView, Talend Open Studio, Apache Spark,

He is having 6+ years of experience.
Shrirang Mukund Garge
Certification: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) , Certified Scrum Master (CSM) , Hortonworks Certified Developer (HDPCD)
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Big Data, Business Intelligence, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), IBM Cognos, Informatica, Oracle, PL/SQl,

Hortonworks certified developer. Certified Scrum Master. Oracle Certified Associate. Total 15 years of IT experience. Around 4 years of experience in the areas of Data Warehousing and Data Migration using PL/SQL, BI, Informatica, Cognos. Read More...
Ankita Agrawal
I joined Rave as a fresher and I was totally new to the IT industry. The kind of support I got from him was terrific. Anyone can learn from him the art of "Staying Calm and Cool" irrespective of the situation. One very good thing about him is he believes in giving timely Feedback to his juniors which helps his juniors to learn more and more and to improve performance. And yes , he is a dependable person. I am sure he will be a pillar for any organization he joins.
Ravi Mittal
I worked with Shrirang for closed to 5 years. He is someone who you can bank on. Once he gets his arms around a process he follows it to the minutest detail. He was a very calm demeanor. Great person to know and work with.
Cyril Rayan
Shrirang is an excellent program manager and has a strong team to deliver great results. He has great expertise in software projects and can deliver extremely well.
Anand Jain
Shrirang is a person with a broad vision and clear mindset. He always aim to the best possible results by getting his team involved in making decisions and put their best efforts in place. He is confident and a person full of business knowledge as well as capabilities of leading a team and himself.
Pallavi Bakliwal
I had the opportunity of working with Shrirang at Rave for 4 years. He is methodical, organized and very committed towards the job he undertakes. He has always demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his ability to connect with people, inspire and motivate them is incredible. He is always around to help people and he is the best manager one can ever work with.
Pallavi Bakliwal
I had the opportunity of working with Shrirang at Rave for 4 years. He is methodical, organized and very committed towards the job he undertakes. He has always demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his ability to connect with people, inspire and motivate them is incredible. He is always around to help people and he is the best manager one can ever work with.
Ankit Johari
Working with Shrirang was a great phase of my life. He is always supportive and helpful in the difficult times. He is one of the good and skillful manager I have worked in...
Sankalp Shekhar
Shrirang, a great colleague and a peer who you could look up-to for counsel. With his acute understanding in Agile methodology, he has been delight as a Scrum Master to work along. His understanding and standards of work quality, has always been motivating to bring the best out of the resources.
Aliakbar Badshah
I had the pleasure of working with Shrirang at Rave Infosys. I have learn lots of things from start to end of my career in Rave. He is a good project manager, director and also a good person.
Ashok Patidar
I have worked with Shrirang for more than 1 year. It was really a pleasure working under his guidance in Rave Infosys. It’s an honor and privilege for me realizing that I have worked with an exceptional director. No Doubt, he is an outstanding leader, a person and a friend. I highly recommend him to work with.
Sandeep Patle
Still I can remember that 1 year of Span. Working under Mr.Shrirang, was a great Experience for me and my Team. Though we had too much pressure from client but Shrirang handled it quite nicely. He is one of the Best Managers that I ever seen in 5 years of my career. I could remember his words "Family is very important than Office !!!"
Ankita choudhary
I started my career from Rave and I was fortunate to have Shrirang as my manager. He guided and motivated me and all the people working under him and with him whenever required. He is very detail oriented, hardworking and a good team leader. He is a great person and an outstanding director and mentor.
Certification: IBM DataScience Foundations , SCALA
Professional Experience
Training Experience

Master of Computer Applications

Apache Sqoop, Big Data, Hadoop , Hibernate, Java , Java EE, SOAP, Spring AOP, MVC, Apache Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Hadoop YARN, Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Java EE Web Services,

Hadoop / Java - Continuous Learner ! Passionate about sharing the knowledge ! Read More...
Tarun Sukhani
Professional Experience
Training Experience


Agile , Agile and Scrum Master, ALM, Big Data, Cassandra, Hadoop , Hbase, ITIL Foundation, PMP, PRINCE2, Python, Six Sigma, Software Quality, TOGAF,

I am an IT executive, educator, author, internatio nal speaker, security expert, agile coach, coder, and entrepreneur with over 19 years of combined professional experience both in the U.S. and internationally. As a seasoned veteran, my expertise lies in leading teams in the design and delivery of highly scalable, concurrent, and performant enterprise software solutions with budgets of up to $100 million. I am particularly adept at building productive, self-managing agile teams with predictable velocities and delivery timeframes. I am skilled in all phases of the SDLC/ALM, with a solid foundation in Agile (XP, SAFe, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban) and traditional (PMI and PRINCE2) project management frameworks and methodologies. Academic credentials: Degrees in Math, Computer Science, Business Administration (Finance, Accounting, and Operations Management), and Information Systems Management Certified in Scrum (CSM, CSP, PSM I), Data Warehousing/Mining/Science, E-commerce, and Microsoft/Oracle technologies (.NET/Java) PMI/PRINCE2 project management CISO (Infosec) 6 Sigma/Lean at GEMS (GE Medical Systems) ITIL,TOGAF,COBIT,ISO27000,NIST Machine Learning/Text Mining, Genetic Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Computational Finance, Driver-Based Budgeting. Proficient in Big Data/Data Science: Hadoop, Pig, Hive, HBase, Spark, R/Rattle, Cassandra, YARN, Zookeeper, Mahout Pursuing Ph.D. at Coventry University Achievements: Project Lead on over 50 projects at clients that included Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, spanning the healthcare, manufacturing, Internet, media, BFSI, telco, oil & gas, and education verticals.Corporate trainer and university lecturer, conducting academic and vocational business and IT courses in North/South America, Europe and Asia. Co-founder of 4 companies Consultant to 5 Fortune 500 companies Ernst & Young Winner of 2005 business plan competition Member of Who of accomplished professionals Read More...
Rowena Morais
I have known Tarun for many years now, initially from having engaged him to provide training on agile and scrum for a client of mine. Tarun is an ambitious go-getter who is focused and extremely professional. I received great positive feedback from my client about his ability as a trainer and his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter taught. I have also worked closely with Tarun in helping to get his subject matter articles on agile published with us. I would highly recommend Tarun as a trainer for Agile as well as Scrum training and wish him all the best in his career.
Srikanth Kakumanu
Tarun is a results-driven & inspirational technology leader with a clear vision, direction, and broad-based technology expertise. He is passionate, intuitive, engaged, pragmatic, systematic, agile. His experiences span from small start-ups to complex, global companies, from being technical lead to technical strategist to being the leader of larger group of architecture and engineering teams. Much of his experiences are in the area of Java, Scala, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Cloud Computing, Data Science and what not. I am truly amazed to experience his breadth & depth of technological expertise and pleasure to be part of his team.
Sateesh T
During the years I worked with Tarun, I knew him to be vitally concerned with exceeding expectations, directing the people entrusted to his care with professionalism, compassion and tact, and above all else, delivering impressive results. He is a genuine leader whom people willingly follow precisely because he cares more about doing the right thing than about pandering to the crowd. I reserve my highest recommendations only for people such as Tarun!
Manjunath Reddy
It was pleasure working with Tarun. A true technologist, innovative and extremely talented person I have ever worked with.
Salam Khan
Tarun is a detailed-oriented and well experienced IT pundit who handles all new issues as if he has solved them before - which of course he has, as he has over two decades of Technology experience. The thing that I like the most in him is his all-round knowledge of various technologies and the overall IT. I highly recommend him for his SOA Architecture development, Play Framework, Project Management, and overall software engineering skills.
Joyce Yang
Tarun conducted a course on Agile/Scrum which I felt was the best training I had on the subject. His grasp of multiple business domains and his vast experience as an IT manager really helped me to understand the course material in a practical context. I highly recommend Tarun to any training company or corporate client looking for an exceptionally gifted communicator and IT expert.
Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins
Whilst working with Tarun Sukhani, on a Team Building and Leadership programme I found myself being motivated by his ability to enthrall, and captivate his audience. I would be honoured to work with him and to recommend him as a Trainer / Facilitator, his command of language was outstanding without letting an accent interfere with the effect of his voice.
Affiza Fazreen
Tarun and I worked together at Experian, and again at MIMOS for Ministry of Health Project. He is super awesome person, helpful and knowledgeable - about multiple subjects from software engineering, design, to histories . He is always seeking and thinking about how to simplify complex solutions - perhaps this is rarest quality of all.
Kapil Arora
Tarun is a highly capable and industrious individual. As a pre-sales consultant and solutions architect at Atex, he was just as comfortable in front of the customer as he was behind the computer. I enjoyed working closely with Tarun on a number of client engagements throughout India and wish him well in his future endeavors. I know he will be a valuable asset to any organization looking for a well-rounded IT professional.
Hemant Om Patel
ith a solid grounding of the latest trends in internet commerce and digital publishing, Tarun also has the business sense that is critical in synthesizing effective solutions to complex problems. With excellent interpersonal skills, he manages to deliver consistently to exacting schedules, across different timezones. I believe Tarun is an excellent asset to any organisation and I sincerely hope to work with him again.
Andrew M
Tarun is an asset to any company with his deep understanding of technical solutions and exceptional presentation skills.
Tan Chin Leong
Tarun always proved himself to be a a dependable team player with solid problem solving skills (technical and non-technical issues). He is well organized, goal-oriented and thrived under adversity. He is keenly devoted to his work, but being a real person, he is also enjoyable to be around. I enjoyed working with him and I have no hesitation in recommending Tarun for any technical position pertaining to software/product development.
Joseph Poh
Tarun is a multi-talented individual with a broad range of technical and non-technical experience. In particular, he has done very well when having to deal directly with customers and solve problems to their satisfaction. He will do well in any technical role that involves having to solve difficult problems.
Maryam Zakeryfar
I had a chance to work with Tarun in Universal Connectivity and Enrichment Platform Project, As a software developer he always delivered his task on time to Quality Assurance team. With his strong academic background and industrial experience plus his level of confidence and intelligence I see Tarun as a very promising and successful person in Computer Science.
Aneel Ansari
Tarun is an incredibly talented & diligent person. He is someone that is great to have around from his professional and friendly attitude. He is output oriented and trustworthy to liaise with. Anytime you need to get some expertise on a topic you can directly contact him, well I always do. He helped me a lot not only in Experian but in other places too. Yeah, we have bumped into each other for quite a many times in different professional environments. Working with him is always a pleasure.
Renu Sukhani
I had the pleasure of working with Tarun at Apylon during my tenure as HR manager. I found him to be highly meticulous and detail-oriented. His conceptual ability and technical prowess are both noteworthy. He receives admiration from people within and outside his area of expertise. I wish him all the best in his endeavors.
Saravanan Perumal
I had the pleasure of working with Tarun as a business partner during his tenure at Apylon and separately as a corporate trainer for Aptech. Tarun is a consummate professional and a superb trainer, consistently receiving stellar reviews from his students. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any teaching or training post!"
Rajeswari Murugasu
Working with Tarun was really valuable experience to me. He is hardworking, idealistic, charismatic, detail oriented and an excellent mentor
Rushir Nairyani
Tarun Sukhani was my colleague in Profitera.He was a Senior Technical Consultant at Profitera Corporation.Tarun possesses solid technical skills which has enabled him to compose quality correspondence. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions by making well-thought-out decisions based on careful analysis of all factors. His ability to remain unflustered during frenzied periods proves his ability to work well under pressure.
Filipe Paiva
Tarun was the key technical person in Profitera. Nobody in the office would have so much technical knowledge about Profitera apps as Tarun did. Not only that but he was very quick solving issues. It was very valuable to have him in the team.
Genny Kaur
Tarun is detail-oriented and very meticulous with his work. He is someone that is able to solve the most difficult problem assigned to him in a very short time (life saver). He is always there to help the team and coordinate problem solving with the client.
Yu Yu
I had the pleasure to know Tarun as a Senior Lecturer during my tenure at APIIT. Tarun impressed me with his exceptional pedagogical approach and genuine interest in the welfare of his students. I would highly recommend Tarun for any future teaching position.
Nenad Jukic
Tarun is an intelligent, capable, confident, and thoughtful entrepreneur and IT expert. His technical and business skills are both superb.
Faisal Farooqui
Tarun has been an excellent Senior level Java Developer that brought in various open source solutions to our group. He is hard working and highly motivated.
Rit Faisal
Tarun is a very talented IT professional with a warm personality. He brings in great ideas and communicates very well with the team. I would love to work with him again!
Nate Volkman
I studied with Tarun in a variety of capacities while we were studying for our MBAs while at Loyola University Chicago. Tarun was a model student not only for his stellar performance in the classroom but also with regards to his professional developmental activities. One of my most valuable experiences at Loyola was working with Tarun on a business plan he created - we won first place in the 2005 Business Plan competition thanks to his entrepreneurial drive and subject matter expertise. His technical skills and business acumen would be a great asset to any employer.

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