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About us

Hub4Tech aims to Transform HR using Assessment, Real Time Analytics and BoTs. Hub4Tech provides solutions to digitize process of Recruit, On-board Training, L&D, Employee Helpdesk and Employee Engagement.

HR digital transformation is more than implementation of self-service platforms and technologies. It carries the potential of a new debate about HR operations. HR digital transformation involves promoting new ways of HR working, closing knowledge gaps, increasing employee engagement and solving business problems. Digitization decentralizes HR activities to users and roots them in the business. Digitization empowers HR to mine employee data for insights so it can "market" internal messages more effectively. As HR becomes technology-based, it can help strategically position the business.

Most HR softwares are so cumbersome that people often return to using email and spreadsheets, Hub4Tech aims to change that. Hub4Tech is very simple, measurable and effective.

Our Products:
(1) Assessment
(2) Recruit
(3) On-board Training BoT
(4) HR HelpDesk BoT
(5) Classroom
(6) Payroll

Our Services:
(1) Hiring Services
(2) Corporate Training
(3) Freelance Consultant

Free Resources:
(1) 10000+ Pre-Assessed Profiles Database
(2) 700+ Verified Trainers
(3) 200+ Pre-built Technology Tests
(4) 100+ Psychometric Tests
(5) 50+ Aptitude Tests
(6) 100+ Job Specific Functional Tests
(7) 10+ Sales Skill Tests
(8) Coding Ground

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Our milestones


Started Technology Training Services in 2016.


Started Development of Training Platform in 2017. Acquired Big Customers for Corporate Training Services like: NIIT etc. On-board 700+ Verified Trainers, Created 200+ Pre-built Technology Tests, 100+ Psychometric Tests, 50+ Aptitude Tests, 100+ Job Specific Functional Tests, 10+ Sales Skill Tests.


Started Hiring Services, Created 10000+ Pre-Assessed Profiles Database, Acquired Big Customers for Hiring Services like: Indiamart, BARC, BARCO etc. Started Development of Recruitment Platform.


After 3+ years of experience as a HR service provider and evaluating customers pain areas in HR Domain. Developed HR Transformation Products: Assessment, Recruit, HR HelpDesk BoT, on-board Training BoT, Classroom Automation, Payroll. Launching HR Transformation Products in January 2019

Contact Us

Hub4Tech P. Services Pvt. Ltd.

Address: A-82,
3rd Floor,
Sector – 63,
Uttar Pradesh 201301

Contact No.: 8048130411

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