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About us

Hub4Tech aims to Transform Learning, Hiring and Engagement through Assessment, Real Time Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Our top hands-on training programs in disruptive digital technologies enables career success in digital world. Our training programs are in emerging technologies like IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Robotics Process Automation.

Our Services offering are hiring services, corporate training and freelance consultant services.

Our Products:

h4 ExamMATE aims to disrupt traditional way of exam practice, conduct exams and career assessment using real-time analytics and artificial intelligence.

h4 TalentCRM is disrupting traditional way of recruiting, on-board training, L&D and employee engagement using assessment, real-time analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Our milestones


Launched Hub4Tech Training Platform in June 2015.


Created 500+ Practice Tests and Training Content, 360000+ Students visited Hub4Tech Platform in Last 18 months.


Acquired Customers for Corporate Training, 570000+ Students visited Hub4Tech Platform, Started Development of our B2B HRTech Platform h4 TalentCRM and our B2C EduTech Platform h4 ExamMATE, .


Started Hiring Services, Acquired more Corporate Customers for Training and Hiring Services, 620000+ Students visited Hub4Tech Platform till August 2018, Launched our B2B HRTech Platform h4 TalentCRM in April 2018, Launched our B2C EduTech Platform h4 ExamMATE in June 2018

Contact Us

Hub4Tech P. Services Pvt. Ltd.

Address: A-82,
3rd Floor,
Sector – 63,
Uttar Pradesh 201301

Contact No.: 8048130411

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