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Transforming Talent Learning, Hiring and Engagement using Disruptive Digital Technologies

Assessment, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

We, Hub4Tech, transforming talent learning, hiring and engagement using disruptive technologies like: assessment, analytics and artificial intelligence.

(A) Our Products:

    (A.1) h4 ExamMATE: Personalised Exam Preparation and Exam Builder Tool using Assessment, Analytics and AI. Students to Score Higher in Exams | Tutors & Parents to Create Tests | Educational Institutes to Digitise their Process.

    (A.2) h4 TalentCRM: Cloud based SaaS HR Transformation Product using Assessment, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Faster and Effective way to Attract, Recruit, Upskill, Measure, and Engage Talent for better Productivity.

(B) Our Services:

    (B.1) Hiring Consultancy: Hiring with online Assessment & Analytics. Hire the right candidate at right time.

    (B.2) Corporate Training: Largest Pool of 700+ Verified Corporate Trainers.

    (B.3) Freelance Consultant: Hire Verified Freelance Consultants. Get the work done with someone perfect for your project requirement.

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