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About us

h4 TalentCRM is disrupting traditional way of Recruiting, On-board Training, L&D and Employee Engagement using Assessment, Real-Time Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

h4 TalentCRM helps SMBs and Enterprises to Attract, Assess, Recruit, Training and Engage Talent in Faster and Effective way.

h4 TalentCRM HR BOTs helps in Pre-interview, On-boarding Training, Employee queries and Employee Survey.

Most HR softwares are so cumbersome that people often return to using email and spreadsheets, h4TalentCRM aims to change that. h4TalentCRM is very simple, measurable and effective.

Our HR Transformation Products are:

(1) Assessment :
Integrated System of Assessment and Proctoring.
(2) Recruit :
Integrated System of Assessment, Applicant Tracking Software, Real Time Analytics and Pre-Interview BOT.
(3) HR BOT :
Employee HR related Queries Resolution by BOT Anywhere Anytime.
(4) Training :
Integrated System of On-board Training BOT, UpSkill Training Needs Assessment, LMS and Real Time Analytics.
(5) Payroll :
Integrated System of Payroll, Attendance, Leave, Expenses and Appraisal.
(6) Employee Survey BOT :
Transparent and Accurate Employee Survey by BOT Anywhere Anytime.

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