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About Course

Technology Professionals who want to make their career in Automation.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in a new era in science and technology, which will forever change our personal as well as professional lives, our consumer habits, and the way we do business. With the fast-changing world, these latest inventions and innovations will become the norm by 2020, and we estimate more than 50 billion devices will be connected via the Internet. In order to create early adopters, we have introduced a one-of-kind course on ‘Internet of Things,’ the next big thing in the IT industry.
Assess the vision and introduction of IoT, Understand IoT Market perspective, Implement Data and Knowledge Management and use of Devices in IoT Technology, Understand IoT Cloud Platform, Understand State of the Art - IoT Architecture, Classify Real World IoT Design Constraints, Industrial Automation in IoT.
Assess Basics Computer Knowledge. Knowledge on C / C++ / Embedded C would be beneficial however it is not mandatory.

Exam & Certification

You will get the Hub4Tech Master IoT Certification after successful Completion of this Course.

*** Money Back Guarantee till demo and 1st class of the course.

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