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28 Hrs Weekend Morning-Batch USD 200 150

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28 Hrs Weekdays Morning-Batch USD 200 150

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28 Hrs Weekdays Evening-Batch USD 200 150

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About Course

This course is ideal for both beginners as well as advanced learners.

The best suited audience for this course can be -

Software Engineers
Application Developers
Web Application Developers
Web Application Designers
Recent graduates who are looking a career in web designing.
jQuery is a JavaScript library generally used with web-pages to simplifies JavaScript programming. This course will help you to understand the core concept of jQuery and make you able to apply all these concepts to your web-pages. With the help of this training you will be able to use different light-weight and user interactive functions to your web-pages for improving UI and UX of web-pages.
After completing this course you will be able to –

Understand the core concept and syntax of jQuery.
Design and develop light-weight and rich interactive web applications.
Use jQuerys effects, animation, scrolling, and resizing capabilities
Handle cross-browser issues.
Enhance HTML forms with hints, autosuggestions, client-side validation, star ratings, and more.
Familiarity with basic Java Script, XML and basic server-side programming languages is great to start, but not required.


AJAX, jQuery and JSON

  • 1.1 jQuery Introduction
  • 1.2 jQuery Getting Started
  • 1.3 jQuery Syntax
  • 1.4 jQuery Selectors
  • 1.5 jQuery Events
  • 2.1 jQuery Hide/Show
  • 2.2 jQuery Fade
  • 2.3 jQuery Slide
  • 2.4 jQuery Animate
  • 2.5 jQuery stop()
  • 2.6 jQuery Callback
  • 2.7 jQuery Chaining
  • 3.1 jQuery Get
  • 3.2 jQuery Set
  • 3.3 jQuery Add
  • 3.4 jQuery Remove
  • 3.5 jQuery CSS Classes
  • 3.6 jQuery css()
  • 3.7 jQuery Dimensions
  • 4.1 jQuery Traversing
  • 4.2 jQuery Ancestors
  • 4.3 jQuery Descendants
  • 4.4 jQuery Siblings
  • 4.5 jQuery Filtering
  • 5.1 jQuery AJAX Introduction
  • 5.2 jQuery Load
  • 5.3 jQuery Get/Post
  • 6.1 jQuery JSON Introduction
  • 6.2 jQuery JSON Syntax
  • 6.3 jQuery JSON Http
  • 6.4 jQuery JSON function file

Exam & Certification

There is no certification available for this course.
There is no certification available for this course.

** The above course information is taken from W3School

* Money Back Guarantee till demo and 1st class of the course.

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