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About Course

This course is designed to provide the fundamental concept of Selenium with practical approach. So this course is the core for those students who are looking a career in Software Quality Assurance or Software Testing as well as for those working professionals who want to grow themselves in Test Automation using Selenium tool.
Selenium is one of the most popular open source testing frameworks used worldwide. Selenium is used to develop functional tests and record workflows to prevent future regressions of code. The best thing with selenium is that it can work on any browser that supports JavaScript.
This course will provide you in in-depth knowledge of Selenium testing tool to enhance the productivity using automation testing. After completing this course you can attempt CP-SAT (Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing) exam honored by Agile Testing Alliance.
After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Fundamentals of automation testing
Get aware of the cross-language, cross-platform and cross-browser capabilities of Selenium tool
Enhancing testing using synchronization and verification
Learn about Selenium tool license policy
Understand the object repository and debugging tools
Practical exposure to custom checkpoints
Having basic knowledge of Java Programming and Manual Testing is the only prerequisite to attend this course.



  • 1.1 History of Selenium
  • 1.2 IDE
  • 1.3 Selenium RC/Selenium 2.x
  • 1.4 Selenium Grid


  • 2.1 Recording & Playback and Formats in IDE
  • 2.2 Creating Test Cases and Test Suite
  • 2.3 Regular Expressions
  • 2.4 Actions, Assertions and Accessors
  • 2.5 Frequently used commands
  • 2.6 Handling AJAX/Dynamic Elements
  • 2.7 Locator Strategies
  • 3.1 Selenium RC and Selenium 2.x (WebDriver)
  • 3.2 Setting up your Java environment (Eclipse)
  • 3.3 JUnit and TestNG plugins
  • 3.4 Difference between the RC and Selenium 2.x architecture
  • 3.5 Running RC Tests
  • 3.6 Running WebDriverBacked Tests
  • 3.7 Running WebDriver Tests
  • 3.8 Test Synchronization in RC
  • 3.9 Implicit and Explicit Wait in Selenium 2.x
  • 3.10 Running JavaScript code
  • 3.11 Test Suite creation using TestNG
  • 3.12 WebDrivers
  • 3.13 Learn to manage driver capabilities
  • 3.14 Migrating legacy RC scripts to WebDriver
  • 3.15 Advanced User Interaction


  • 4.1 Testing Frameworks
  • 4.2 Data Driven Framework using RC
  • 4.3 Data Driven Framework using WebDriverBacked
  • 4.4 Data Driven Framework using WebDriver
  • 4.5 Page Factory and Page Object Model
  • 5.1 Concept of Grid
  • 5.2 Setting up Grid to run multi-browser parallel tests
  • 6.1 Concept of Continuous Integration
  • 6.2 Running Selenium Tests from Command line through ANT
  • 6.3 ANT task in Jenkins/Hudson
  • 7.1 Agile Manifesto
  • 7.2 Agile in Practice (Video)
  • 7.3 Incremental and Iterative development
  • 7.4 Scrum - Testing in iterations
  • 7.5 Testing challenges in Agile
  • 7.6 Test Automation

Exam & Certification

For Selenium tool there is a certification named as CP-SAT.

CP-SAT stands for Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing which is prepared and honored by Agile Testing Alliance & University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

CP-SAT is designed to certify agile professionals with the basics of testing web applications using Selenium leading to advanced topics.


* Money Back Guarantee till demo and 1st class of the course.

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