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Mohit Kumar Singh
Professional Experience
Training Experience

B.Tech, M.Tech, DNA, DCT

Embedded, MATLAB, VLSI,

Well, I am an Engineer. My parents named me Mohit (now I wish they’d named me Shaan Sighania. if they knew the importance of branding... sigh). While I have seen 29 springs, and autumns of course, in my life. I am dead serious when I tell you that I still tear out pages from the books. I make college out of them. I am an alumni of the school (Vidya Mandir) that made me good man. Tried freelancing.. loved it, but it neither had money nor free coffee.. that’s the bigger tragedy than having a fake American accent in the middle of night. I like to hop from one fine idea to another, like a bird on wings, looking on to a world in one grand sweep; looking for food, water and shelter, looking for everything that any right minded would look for. One cannot help being a part of a rat race, but I guess somewhere down the line I also want to win and not just compete. I am a person, who lives with non-countable moods in his entire life, and I am no different. Sometimes I may be damn serious, while after few moments, you can see me smirking, even without any reason. Life never remains the same and my thinking also. I have a tendency to forget all bad things that happens to me everyday. I live in present and thinks about future. Dreams are the thing that never comes true to me. So I believe in working hard and there is no reason for me to wake up till 09:00 AM. As a person, I am stubborn, flamboyant, straightforward, optimistic, enterprising, impatient at times, self indulgent and emotional too. I have a itchy feet and can’t withstand sitting idle at home. I am very much ambitious and continue to be so even if my hopes are dashed. I keep enjoying even with my small achievements. Whatsoever is in my heart comes instantly on my lips. Read More...
He is a phenomenal teacher and is a wonderful mentor, I have ever seen. His knowledge is unquestionable and knowledge base is like an ocean, very wast and extensive.
Tanu Rastogi
Mohit is really a knowledgeable person and always take initiative to do the work. He has a got a very good sense of learning and always ready to learn new things whenever required. His work is always appriceated. Always be in touch with Mohit you will get new things to learn. He is also the founder of learn enginerring that is a online portal or service provider for the...more
Rahul sukla
Mohit was a hard working student all across the course of Bachelor of Technology. He was diligent, studious and always an active member of lecture sessions. I am sure he will do well in all his future endeavors because of his sincerity
Vaibhav Mishra
Professional Experience
Training Experience

B Tech and APGD in VLSI

Embedded, FPGA, Verilog, VHDI, VLSI,

10 years exp on FPGA . Running Own Academy , where is used to give training and placement . Looking for portal, where I can upload my skills and meet the audience requirement . Read More...
Joining a course with Vaibhav give me a great platform to learn industry oriented and core electronics that help me to improve my academic and personal skills. he support me every time whenever i required. I would like to thanks Vaibhava sir to choose my carrier and get a job in core electronics field.
He helped me to choose my career in my core domain. Here I got the knowledge about semiconductor & FPGA industry. I suggest every electronics student to choose their career in electronics and join this course. I am thankful to Vaibhav Mishra sir for their hard effort from the start of the course.
Vivek Joshi
Being an unskilled son of B. TECH, it was a backbreaking task for me to get into core electronics industry so from 2nd to 3rd year i was preparing for gate, as time passes by it becomes apparent to me that clearing gate is one thing, securing good rank is another and then clearing an interview is something which is very close to impossible. At the beginning of 4th year i got to know about this new coaching institute which has an excellent faculty Vaibhawa Sir and Vaibhav Sir, I get enrolled myself and not only I learned a lot but also I enjoyed a lot, as time passes by the day has come when we have to go for interview, in this crucial juncture of time not only our friend like teachers are with us but they whole heartedly supported us, I want to say this to every student of CS and EC branch that getting a B. TECH degree is one thing and completing B. tech while also getting skills which makes you stand out from the crowd of thousands of engineers is another, so do something which is really fruitful for your future.
Sufiyan Safi
I got the rich domain knowledge with comprehensive understanding of ASIC layouts, Analog Design, Digital concepts during my training and the Scripting taught by Trainer is inimitable. These all helped me to go through all the technical rounds very smoothly and credit goes to our supportive trainers to share their valuable knowledge with us
Sweta singh
I always had a dream to make a place in core industry and hence I needed the skills, Mr. Vaibhav Mishra provided me the motivation. Here I get trained in a great deal of things from digital concepts to ASIC layouts and Analog design, and my favorite part, Scripting taught by a trainer in incredibly unique style. All in all, I am very thankful to my mentors, Vaibhav Mishra.
Sudhanshu Bhardwaj
The knowledge about the domain which I gained here, helped me in getting a job in the company of my dreams and all credit goes to Vaibhava Mishra Sir for delivering such a fantastic training.


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