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HDFS Tutorial


  • Appears as a single disk
  • Runs on top of a native filesystem Ext3,Ext4,XFS
  • Based on Google's Filesystem GFS
  • Fault Tolerant – Can handle disk crashes, machine crashes, etc...
  • Based on Google's Filesystem (GFS or GoogleFS)
  • gfs-sosp2003.pdf
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_File_System

Use Commodity Hardware

“Cheap” Commodity Server Hardware
  • No need for super-computers, use commodity unreliable hardware
  • Not desktops!

HDFS is Good for...

  • Storing large files
    • Terabytes, Petabytes, etc...
    • Millions rather than billions of files
    • 100MB or more per file
  • Streaming data
    • Write once and read-many times patterns
    • Optimized for streaming reads rather than random reads
    • Append operation added to Hadoop 0.21
  • “Cheap” Commodity Hardware No need for super-computers, use less reliable commodity hardware
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