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Basic Router configuration

Router Modes

Mode Definition

  • User EXEC mode Limited to basic monitoring commands
  • Privileged EXEC mode Provides access to all other router commands
  • Global configuration mode Commands that affect the entire system
  • Specific configuration modes Commands that affect interfaces/processes only Setup mode Interactive configuration dialog
Entering the CLI from on Router

After the interface status messages appear and you press Enter, the

Router> prompt will appear. This is called user exec mode (user mode), and it’s mostly used to view statistics.
We can only view and change the configuration of a Cisco router in privileged exec mode (privileged mode), which you can enter with the enable command. Here’s how:


Router# prompt, which indicates that you’re in Privileged mode, where you can both view and change the router’s configuration.

We can go back from privileged mode into user mode by using the disable command, as seen here:

Router# disable

To configure from a CLI, you can make global changes to the router by typing configure terminal

Router# config terminal

To make changes to an interface, you use the interface command from global configuration mode

Router (config) # interface fastEthernet 0/0
Router (config-if) #

The prompt changed to Router (config-if) #? This tells us that we’re in interface configuration mode. Here we can able to give ip on Router.

Some command that will give Router information

Router# show version
Router # show running-config 
Router# show history
Router # copy running-config startup-config(for saving the configuration)

Example of Basic router configuration

Configuration on ROUTER 1
Router# config terminal
Router (config) # interface fastEthernet 0/0
Router (config-if) # ip address
Router (config-if) #no shut
Router (config-if) #description * Verizon interface *

Configuration on ROUTER 2
Router# config terminal
Router (config) # interface fastEthernet 0/0
Router (config-if) # ip address
Router (config-if) # no shut
Router (config-if) #description * ATT interface *

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