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Bootstrap Badges and Labels Video


Badges are numerical indicators of how many items are associated with a link:

The numbers (5, 10, and 2) are the badges. Use the .badge class within < span > elements to create badges:

Badges can also be used inside other elements, such as buttons:

The following example shows how to add badges to buttons:
< button type="button" class=" btn btn-primary" >
Primary < span class="badge" >7< /span >
< /button> 


Labels are used to provide additional information about something. Use the .label class, followed by one of the six contextual classes .label-default, .label-primary, .label-success, .label-info, .label-warning or .label-danger, within a < span > element to create a label. The following example shows all contextual label classes:


< span class="label label-default" >Default Label< /span>
< span class="label label-primary" >Primary Label< /span>
< span class="label label-success" >Success Label< /span>
< span class="label label-info" >Info Label< /span>
< span class="label label-warning" >Warning Label< /span>
< span class="label label-danger" >Danger Label< /span>

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