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About Course

PMP course is the right choice for those individuals who has experience as a project manager and responsible for all aspects of project delivery, leading and directing cross-functional teams.
The PMP recognizes the competence of an individual to perform in the role of a project manager, specifically experience in leading and directing end to end projects.
PMP (Project Management Professional) is the most popular certification for project managers recognized by industries. According to a survey this comes in notice that the individuals holding a PMP certification earn 20 percent more rather than their non-certified colleagues.
Due to the high and critically urgent demand of PMP certified Project Managers worldwide the training for the preparation of PMP certification also at high demand.
This course is designed to provide the required training to crack the PMP certification in your first attempt. This course will train you in such a way that you can be able to speak, understand and handle the global style of project management.
The objective of this course is to train any individual who can perform and prove himself/herself in the role of project manager globally. Some of key objectives are -
To gain the knowledge, skills and best practice required to crack the PMP certification exam
To learn Decision Making and Delegation of work.
Learn to handle Change Request Management and Data Gathering
To improve the leadership skills
Learn how to meet the target before deadline by following Time Management and Prioritization strategy.
Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
7,500 hours leading and directing projects
35 hours of project management education

Four-year degree
4,500 hours leading and directing projects
35 hours of project management education


PMP Certification

  • 1.1 Understanding the fundamental characteristics of a project. The discussion evolves the subject into the need for project management. How the Project Management varies from Operations Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management. What is Strategic planning?
  • 1.2 What is PMO and how it can help the organizations? What exactly is the role of a project manager? These are some of the questions that the topic addresses.
  • 2.1 The module talks about the Project Life Cycle in comparison with Product Life Cycle. It also discusses the project phases and Project Governance across the Life Cycle. The module ends with a treatise on differentiation between a project and an operational work.
  • 3.1 A project is influenced by multiple factors in an organization. Right from the people involved to the policies and the reporting relationships can impose various forces on the project work. The module also discusses how an organization evolves over a period of time by enriching the Organizational Process Assets.
  • 4.1 The module discusses about the common project management processes and their interactions.
  • 4.2 There are 47 processes as per the PMBOK® Guide (Fourth Edition). The module also discusses the classification of these processes under the classic 5 process groups. The module also discusses about the cross matrix of these 5 process groups across 9 knowledge areas.
  • 5.1 Project Integration Management includes the processes and activities needed to identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups.
  • 6.1 Project Scope Management includes identifying all the work that is required to be done to complete the project. This module starts with Collection of Requirements and encompasses the controlling the changes to the scope.
  • 7.1 This module discusses the processes required for the timely completion of the project.
  • 7.2 Beginning from the Activity Lists, and followed by Activity Sequencing, the module walks through to the schedule development.
  • 8.1 One of the most essential parts of Project Management and the core of the performance reporting, Project Cost Management talks about the common approaches involved in estimation and budget allocation. The module also discusses the Earned Value Management – the math behind performance evaluation.
  • 9.1 The module talks about implementation of the quality management system through policy and procedures with continuous process improvement activities conducted throughout, as appropriate.
  • 10.1 Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team. The project team is comprised of the people with assigned roles and responsibilities for completing the project.
  • 11.1 Project Communications Management includes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and ultimate disposition of project information.
  • 12.1 Project Risk Management includes the processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning, and monitoring and control on a project. It aims at increasing the probability and impact of positive events, and decreasing the probability and impact of negative events in the project.
  • 13.1 This module includes the processes necessary to purchase or acquire products, services, or results needed from outside the project team. The organization can be either the buyer or seller of the products, services, or results of a project. It discusses various contract types and various types of procurement documents and when to use which one.
  • 14.1 This module includes the processes necessary to manage the stakeholders in the project. It discusses the engagement levels of the stakeholders based upon their power/influence/interest in the project.
  • 15.1 Every profession requires a code of conduct and this module precisely discusses what it take to execute a project management effort with highest degree of integrity.
  • 16.1 The tips and tricks to pass the exam – this module takes on to discuss some of the time tested tips and tricks to pass the PMP Exam.

Exam & Certification

To Gain and Maintain Your PMP
The certification exam has 200 multiple-choice questions out of which 25 questions are considered as pretest questions, and you have four hours to complete it.
There are no scheduled breaks during the exam, although you are allowed to take a break if needed. If you take a break during the exam, your exam clock continues to count down.
To maintain your PMP, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years.

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The fastest growing training company in the world.

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Jim (Jose) Lizardo
Various, please refer to my resume.
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Jim is an asset to any company he works for. Jim is definetly leading the way through training delivery and design. I have had the pleasure of working with Jim within the Telstra Learning and Development team. Jim executes extreme excellence wiith his patience and motivation throughtout facilitation in such an innovative changing dynamic environment such as Telstra. Jims experience of being a Master Project Manager/ International Educator-Trainer in PMP/PMBOK and PRINCE2 for various multinational-national overseas companies has brought a wealth of experience to the Telecommunication industry. I would recommend Jim for any role he seeks to encounter.
Kim Swaminathan
Jim is an asset to any company he works for. Jim is definetly leading the way through training delivery and design. I have had the pleasure of working with Jim within the Telstra Learning and Development team. Jim executes extreme excellence wiith his patience and motivation throughtout facilitation in such an innovative changing dynamic environment such as Telstra. Jims experience of being a Master Project Manager/ International Educator-Trainer in PMP/PMBOK and PRINCE2 for various multinational-national overseas companies has brought a wealth of experience to the Telecommunication industry. I would recommend Jim for any role he seeks to encounter.
Darren Garrett
I was fortunate enough to have Jim conduct my PMP Training Course. He delivered the training with passion, enthusiasm and a lot of excitement, which makes it both enjoyable and ultimately a rewarding experience for those attending. There is no doubt that Jim possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in Project/Program Management, and is more than willing to share this to provide real-life and fact-based examples, together with numerous extra notes and tips, to support the PMP Training Course and sit the exam.
Li Lian Lim
I love how Jim has the innate ability to deliver PMP in a pragmatic yet light-hearted manner. It was privileged of me to be given the chance to learn the ropes of project management from someone as highly experienced as him back in year 2015, which had me expand my horizon on how things could improve at work, on top of knowing how to tackle PMP examination questions. With the demonstration of leadership & genuine dedication to his work, evidently, it would greatly benefit those who collaborated with him.
Ali Rafeek
Jim was one of the BEST trainers I have met so far, his knowledge and capability in passing the information was very simple, straight forward and enjoyable, his classroom was a very active one, and everybody participated in the sessions. We had a %100 pass rate on the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam, and I feel the same will be on the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam. Thank you Jim for your efforts and wish you all the best.
Peter Palmqvist
Jim is an excellent teacher with exceptional experience and knowledge of project management - both practical and theoretical. Over 4 intensive days he summarised the key elements and principles of the PMBOK in a easy and well structured manner which lead to me passing the exam first time with flying colours.
Dennis Gonzalez
Jim is a very knowledgeable and professional trainer with world class expertise and experience invaluable to the learning forum building on the critical foundations and branching to meet needs.
Antony Anderson
Jim lead my PMP Training Course I did with The Knowledge Academy in September 2014. I really enjoyed his style of openness and encouraging participation which made the course much more engaging. His extensive knowledge of Project Management methodologies was impressive and obviously reflected his many years’ experience with multinational organisations. I have no doubt that his effectively ability to impart knowledge and experience contributed to me passing my PMP Exam on the first attempt within 2 months of completing the training. I would highly recommend Jim for Project Management training or assistance.
Imran Usmani
Jim is an excellent teacher and great facilitator. The way he conducted PMP course demonstrated his expert and extensive knowledge of PMBOK, and his wealth of experience in Project Management and Program Management. I was really impressed with his ability to share examples from his experience and his ability to relate to scenarios discussed during the course, it was really fantastic. I have learned a lot from PMP course that Jim conducted and feel confident that I will pass the exam with his guidance, and using the tips he provided during the course.
David Balshaw
Jim is very knowledgeable and uses an excellent style of presentation when delivering the PMBOK/PMP training material. I highly recommend Jim for your training requirements. He truly is a Master Trainer.
Chris Davies
Jim is a highly professional training consultant, whose ability to relate to his audience, their background, experiences and varying levels of knowledge ensures that each session is motivational, challenging, informative and immensely enjoyable.
Indran Purushothaman
I attended a PMBOK training class led by Jim in July and passed the PMP Certification exam at my first attempt. He is an excellent trainer who facilitated an interesting 4 day program in which he encouraged lots of interaction from the entire group. Jim provided us with lots of hints and ideas on how best to prepare for the exam and what areas we should focus. During the training, it became evident that he has tremendous depth as an International Trainer in the area of Project Management, reflecting his multiple engagements at leading MNCs globally. I highly recommend Jim as a trainer and project manager.
Nam Oh
I had the pleasure of having Jim as my PMP trainer for my PMBOK pre exam course that I took through the Knowledge Academy. I found Jim to be very knowledgeable as well practical in his course delivery. His knowledge and methodology was extremely valuable in providing me with the correct guidance to achieve my PMP certification. I would recommend Jim as a very experienced and knowledgeable project manager as well as mentor and trainer.
Japinder Sandhu
Jim conducted a training on Project Management Professional (PMP) that I found extremely valuable. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his presentation was clear and immediately actionable. He was sensitive to others that did not have the Project Management experience. In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions (and expressed appreciation for them) and willingly gave his time to responding to questions thoroughly. Jim is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for any training on this topic.
robert stephen
I attended a course that Jim taught at The Knowledge Academy prior to my PMP exam, which I managed to pass on first attempt.Jim is a very knowledgable PM who brings his real world experience to the class room to make a relatively dry subject interesting.
Ali Farhoodi
It was such a pleasure to deal with a truly professional trainer like Jim in several occasions, he is capable of delivering range of Project Management courses like PMP, ITIL, MPM, etc. and the good thing is that Jim is expert in both Agile and waterfall Project Management methodologies.
Prithaa Govindraj
Jim is an experienced PMP trainer. His coaching is clear and concise. He was very helpful and supportive in managing the training sessions during my tenure with Simplilearn.He was well informed and displayed a mature approach to the issues confronting the team.He is the best and most adaptable trainer we have come across.
Madhumita Panda
Jim is a very professional trainer and presenter. His style is open and inviting to questions. Jim is is extremely enthusiastic about his work. His knowledge and understanding about the topics helps him to relate with the students,clients and help them in every possible way. It was a pleasure working with him.
Shakeel Saleem
Jim is a highly skilled project management professional who goes beyond his role in delivering the highest quality results. I have worked with him and he has demonstrated high emotional intelligence, leadership and positive approach...
Christos Papas
Jim is very thorough in his program planning and approach. He has a comprehensive knowledge of project management and is able to apply his craft in a way that informs and encourages people to want to work with him. His stakeholder management experience encompasses a good understanding of how to achieve results amongst culturally, linguistically or educationally diverse groups of people; he is able to bring together conflicting agendas towards a common outcome. Above all he is always patient with others and extremely polite in all his dealings with people. I highly recommend Jim as an asset to any venture
Damian Curran
Jim is a highly skilled and experienced IT professional who is always enthusiastic and 100% committed to the project he is leading. Jim is able to communicate the project vision and articulate a project’s goal to all stakeholders across varying levels of the organization. Jim has strong team building skills and is able to keep the sense of team spirit alive during the project lifecycle, as well as maintaining composure when pressure situations arise. Jim’s presentation and documentation skills are excellent. I strongly recommend Jim to any future employer.


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