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Hello World Android App

Follow the steps to create android first Application using Eclipse IDE

  1. Open Eclipse IDE and go to File -- > New -- > Android Application Project

    (Fig 1.1) A new Android Application Window Appears
  2. Fill the details in New Android Application

    Application Name - First Application

    In this section you can put the name of your application whatever you wanted to name it.

    Project Name - This holds the name of you project.

    Package Name- This is most important because this is the only thing in you project which is you need to remind before distributing the Application on the Playstore , As its differentiate you application from other application in the store. We are using com.hub4tech.firstapplication.

    Minimum Required SDK - Its hold the minimum level of Android version with which you application is compatible . We are using API 14 : Android 4. 0 as it provides the backward compatibility with the android devices.

    Target SDK - It is the API level for which we are developing the Application. We are using Android(6.0) API 23.

    Compile with - Always use the latest API available in you Android SDK.

    Theme - Leave it default.

    Fig 1.2 Show the details filled into New Android Application

  3. Click the Next button . The Configure Project appears , here you need to keep the default setting.

  4. Fig 1.3.

  5. Click on the Next Button. The Configure Launcher Icon appears , for beginner level let it be on default setting.

  6. Fig 1.4.

  7. Click the Next button Create Activity page appears , select the blank activity rest we learn to use other activities later on.

    Fig 1.5.

  8. Click the Next button and leave on the default .

  9. Click on Finish button.

    Fig 1.6.

    To run you First Application select you project from the project explorer --> right Click --> Run As --> Android Application

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